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best mahabharata books

Best Mahabharata Books To Read – An Ultimate Guide

A compilation of best Mahabharata books from seven different genres & categories which includes must read abridged & unabridged versions of the great epic. This is a handpicked collection with a brief review of each readworthy titles.
premchand kahani rachnavali

Complete Short Stories of Munshi Premchand – Which Book To Buy ?

Premchand and his stories are long lived names of Indian Literature. Such is the relevancy & popularity of his works are that it still remains a best seller of any Hindi must read compilation. For those who don't want to miss a thing, here is a take on what that makes 'Premchand Kahani Rachnavali' a collector's edition.
books ebooks comparision

Books vs Ebooks – 11 Reasons Why Ebook or Ereader Wins The Deal

Books vs Ebooks still remains a heated debate. Being a hybrid reader who likes both printed books & eBooks, here are few points why eBook proves to be an advantage in many case.
printed books vs ebooks

Books vs Ebooks – 15 Reasons Why Printed Books Are Here To Stay

Printed Books vs Ebooks is a never-ending debate of the decade with both having its share of advantages & disadvantages. With the growing popularity of Ereaders and nearly one third of market share of...

Random Curiosity by Prof Yash Pal

I recollect my days when I'd impatiently wait for a copy of Vighyan Pragati & Science Reporter every month. After having one in hand, I inquisitively used to flip directly over readers' question section ...

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