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lord krishna bhagvad gita

Srimad Bhagavad Gita – Best Books To Read

Limited knowledge being expressed and explained in unlimited ways - this is probably a fact attributed with Bhagavad Gita too. Krishna's discourses to Arjuna prior to the inevitable battle of Kurukshetra is being considered as the most revered, enlightening & divine doctrine since ages. And since then, the wisdom has been transcribed into myriad perspectives ...
best mahabharata books

Best Mahabharata Books To Read – An Ultimate Guide

A compilation of best Mahabharata books from seven different genres & categories which includes must read abridged & unabridged versions of the great epic. This is a handpicked collection with a brief review of each readworthy titles.

Neelesh Misra Ka Yaad Sheher (Book – Volume 1 & 2)

Those in metros with an access to 92. 7 Big FM can easily reckon with Neelesh Misra as a story teller with sublimity in his very accent. And Neelesh Misra Ka Yaad Sheher is a literary effort to bring down that radio show in print ...
printed books vs ebooks

Books vs Ebooks – 15 Reasons Why Printed Books Are Here To Stay

Printed Books vs Ebooks is a never-ending debate of the decade with both having its share of advantages & disadvantages. With the growing popularity of Ereaders and nearly one third of market share of...
And The Reason Is You

And The Reason Is You by Upasana Gupta

In 'And The Reason Is You by Upasana Gupta', the story begins with Khushi as the protagonist succumbing to her failed affair with Sparsh. Then it interestingly goes to the flashback which narrates their tidal affair and the story continues ...

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