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Dar Dar Gange by Abhay Mishra & Pankaj Ramendu

I was almost on the verge of conclusion that majority of 'good' Hindi books that are being published today are either classic's reprint or translated texts. Thankfully, Dar Dar Gange sabotaged my belief ! The title & deciphered meaning itself was potent enough to get me reading ...
Chetan Bhagat - What Young India Wants

What Young India Wants by Chetan Bhagat

What Young India Wants is a first book by this celebrated author which I read to the completion. This is a first non-fiction venture by Chetan Bhagat which consists of compilation of his essays and articles (columns to be more precise) which he scribed over the time for newspapers.
And The Reason Is You

And The Reason Is You by Upasana Gupta

In 'And The Reason Is You by Upasana Gupta', the story begins with Khushi as the protagonist succumbing to her failed affair with Sparsh. Then it interestingly goes to the flashback which narrates their tidal affair and the story continues ...
Book of Ram

The Book of Ram by Devdutt Pattanaik

Honestly, a readable book with a misleading title. This tries to describe Ram in contrast with his allies and follies, but on many occasion deviates from the context all-together. Though I'm not all disappointed by this book but the title.

Steve Jobs – Books & Biographies

Ironically, I happened to order myself a copy 'iCon' prior to one month of his demise. Secondly, 'Steve Jobs' (A biography with the same name) was a fateful or eventful release which revolved around his death. And 'The Steve Jobs Way' was a complimentary copy obtained just for the sake of quick read apart from other fragmented pieces that I collected over the time ...

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