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Shrilal ‘Satirist’ Shukla – A Bibliographical Tribute

Shrilal Shukla, an illustrious writer and satirist who was also known for his linguistic inventiveness has passed away recently. As a tribute to him, I'm jotting down few of his literary milestones for introductory and worthy reads. My heartfelt homage to him ...
Indian Modern Literature & Fiction

Stop Abusing Indian Literature & Fiction

Biblical blunder, as one may call it, has pissed me off literally because of the fact that I don't see anything coming apart from love (or is it?), sex, flirt, betrayal, campus antics, urban shots and all those frivolous dumps in print ...
lord krishna bhagvad gita

Srimad Bhagavad Gita – Best Books To Read

Limited knowledge being expressed and explained in unlimited ways - this is probably a fact attributed with Bhagavad Gita too. Krishna's discourses to Arjuna prior to the inevitable battle of Kurukshetra is being considered as the most revered, enlightening & divine doctrine since ages. And since then, the wisdom has been transcribed into myriad perspectives ...

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