Books vs Ebooks – 11 Reasons Why Ebook or Ereader Wins The Deal

Advantage of eBooks over physical books has escalated by considerable number and can be pulled to any Books vs eBooks debate as a potent contender in a certain domain. With the advent of dedicated Ereaders, common discontents like screen reading and eye strain have also been doused – thanks to e-ink technology!

And since it is constantly evolving and getting better with each new model, eBook readers have now made their presence felt in bibliophile community with surprising acceptability. Reading devices like Amazon’s Kindle are indeed tech marvels along with Nook, Kobo etc. leaving more options in hand to choose from.

books ebooks comparision
Books vs Ebooks – How Electronic Format Is Taking It By Storm

This is neither a straight comparison between the two formats nor going in contrary with the Part 1 of this series which accounts the supremacy of printed books. It merely highlights the rewarding experience that Ereaders or eBooks are ought to give over the printed editions.

Books and eBooks – How Latter Wins Over Former?

Love it or hate it, eBooks & Ereaders have really arrived while making a good dent into the classic medium of book publishing and reading. Fast gaining the market, here are the reasons why they provide some better deal & wins downright in some areas.

1. No More ‘Enie Meenie Miney Mo …’ Game Of Choosing

books vs ebooks advantage-1
Carry Them All

While leaving for a trip, I don’t have to stand before my bookshelf and look cluelessly over it to pick the titles as travel-mate. Always wanted to take more but I’m the one who prefers to travel with minimum luggage – so dilemma of choosing pops over. With Ereader at my disposal, I don’t have to miss anything and can select to read any eBook as per my mood – anywhere or everywhere.

2. Darkness Never Means What It Meant To Be

books vs ebooks advantage-2
Read Anything Even If Its Dark

I’m one of the bibliophiles who don’t want to submit himself to regular routines while travelling. Instead, I’d like to stay awake to make some reading till I find sleepy. But as the fate would have it, most often than not, railways system will always assign me a ticket next to an intimidating uncle who would start yawning just around 9-10 pm. Worse is that he wouldn’t oblige with lights turned on to his co-passengers’ delight – at least for an hour or so. Let him do whatever he likes to – I’ve a Kindle now! And reading in backlit redefines the term burning-midnight-oil.

3. Hardbound or Paperback?

books vs ebooks advantage-3
No More A Dilemma Now

I’m a self-confessed hardbound junkie while buying any printed edition. But the economics of considerable price difference between both hardbound & paperback has always ridiculed my interest in former. Choices pamper – but eBooks sweeps the dilemma.

4. My Ereader Is A Reading Assistant!

books vs ebooks advantage-4
A Digital Helper for Readers

Don’t have to think if I’ve understood the sentence correctly. If I miss a word for it meaning, inbuilt dictionary is always there for my rescue. While reading non-fiction, you always have an option to dig down into terms & references. I can highlight any sentence without worrying about permanent marks and save notes right next to the related words. I can now literally interact with my reading material.

5. Delays & Deferred Delivery – What’s That?

books vs ebooks advantage-5
Comes Fast

Pick > Pay > Procure is a great relief for impatient souls like me against waiting till eternity for physical items to arrive at doorsteps. Living up on courier partner’s mercy is no fun either. Also add weekends, time of placing orders, holidays, your unavailability to the address etc to the latency list. eBooks are instant noodle of literary cuisines!

6. Virtually Immortal & Omnipotent

books vs ebooks advantage-6
Keep It Everywhere, Access From Anywhere

I’m so attached to my books that I always have a fear of losing them (obvious trait for someone immensely in love with something). Backup here means buying yet another copy and preserving them in vaults next to Coca-Cola’s formula. With eBooks, I’m always at a peace of mind for it is stored at multiple locations like cloud, PC, mobile, E-reader etc. Access anywhere is yet another high score outweighing traditional books.

7. Who Don’t Like Anything That Comes For Free!

books vs ebooks advantage-7
Have You Ever Visited Free Kindle Ebooks Store ?

There’s nothing like free lunch in printed domain until it arrives at you as a review copy or seasonal gift. Even classics with expired copyrights need to be paid for it. But I can boast of Jane Austen’s all 7 Novels, Premchand’s 8 Vol Mansarovar and plethora of other classics with no penny spent over it. I can stuff my Kindle with great freebies. A major boost of opportunity for new and charity authors too who are willing to make some generous giveaway.

8. Always Available

books vs ebooks advantage-8
Out-of-Print & eBooks are Oxymoron Terms

Greatest disappointment, that one can meet while browsing for a title is hideous ‘out-of-stock/print’ tag next to it. But when also sold as an eBook, unavailability no more becomes a worry. Publishers, they too are at lower risk of loss if certain release goes flop. Keeping them in print and circulation for titles in less demand is a business with little or no return. Now they can still be made available in electronic format with only one time investment. A pro publisher & customer feat that brings best deal to the both.

9. Go Green

books vs ebooks advantage-9
‘Environmental Friendly’ Is The Word Of The Millenium

For an every eBook I purchase, I save myself from guilt of trees being cut for the purpose (though ‘made from recycled paper’ label in printed edition also summons a smile). Ereaders maybe eventual ewaste with micro contribution to the junk, but eBooks will not.

10. Overflowing Shelves

books vs ebooks advantage-10
I Recently Acquired Mega Volume Edition of My Favorite Encyclopedia – Now What ?

Sooner or later, you are bound to run short on space (I have now all the shelves filled and new books are now encroaching bedroom from overstuffed living room). Urge for reading can never die and space is a physical constraint – so eBooks are the savior again. Ereaders without any doubt are featherweight libraries with space saving trait as the foremost advantage.

11. Font & Background Adjustment

books vs ebooks advantage-11
No More Fine Print Blues

I have seen many publishers (even the most respected ones) cutting corners to save pages and cramming in words by decreasing the font size while earning more out of the same. My eBook reader now is smart enough to care for the eyes with no 6/6 vision – here hails font & background adjustment feature!

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So Which One Is The Best Deal – Book or Ebook ?

I’d like to know your preference for the given formats, or do you like me, would like to go with both as per the reading condition ? I think both are the winners !

Note: “Ebooks or eBooks or EBooks or ebooks or E-books” – I’m yet to know that which one adheres to the correct grammar. And being a tech name, I’m not sure if I should honor uppercase/lowercase rule (as in iMac) – so purists pardon me for whatever I chose to write (similar sentiments with E-reader also).

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