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F&D (Fenda) A520 Speaker System – Is It Any Good ?

With F&D A510's review garnering good response, I encouraged myself to write yet another article on its close cousin F&D A520 which I discovered soon after having bought myself the former model ...
Aakash Tablet PC

Aakash Tablet PC – Why It’s Release Didn’t Impress Me Much ?

It's not the Technology, but the Economy behind the much touted "Aakash - The Tablet PC" which is worrying me a bit. Every potential product has a great probability to go for a toss if not implemented well. With...
kindle eareader missing feature

7 Features That Will Make Kindle The Best EReader

Ereaders or Ebook readers are slowly gaining the traction. Amazon Kindle in this segment remains a default choice for many. But it too is plagued with few limitations, addressing which it could be a readers' delight in true sense. Talked here are the 7 anticipated features which can make it the best Ebook reader on planet !

F & D (Fenda) A510 Speaker System – is it any good ?

Review of one of the best computer speakers in budget category. F&D A510 remains top selling models in 2.1 speakers segment & best sounding PC speakers. A bang for the buck !

Rumors On Facebook – Reality Check & Truth Behind (Part 1)

When ludicrous literates goes lazy and crazy, this is what exactly happens. Pranks, Chain-mails, Scams, Rumors & Hoaxes spreads like a wildfire as because of those thoughtless "likes" and "shares". Ascertaining the claim, citations, source and authenticity of those mindless campaigns is a grave sin many who lives on the information highway ...

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