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Aakash Tablet PC

Aakash Tablet PC – Why It’s Release Didn’t Impress Me Much ?

It's not the Technology, but the Economy behind the much touted "Aakash - The Tablet PC" which is worrying me a bit. Every potential product has a great probability to go for a toss if not implemented well. With...
F&D F680

F&D F680 2.1 Multimedia Speaker – Is It Any Good ?

My love for Fendas begun with its model F&D A510 when I was really awed with its surprise performance. My next quest of upgrade includes F&D F680 from the stable of same manufacturer ...

F&D (Fenda) A570U 2.1 Multimedia Speaker – Is It Any Good ?

For the large footprint it has, I won’t call it a computer speaker. Not a complete home theatre either for it is limited to 2.1 channel only. Categorizing them as towers will be little too much as the super slim long pair serves as satellite only. So what is it? Well, F&D A570U is a right mix of everything above and it depends over you that how you extract their multimedia capability keeping space or place in mind.
Breaking Free of Winamp

Breaking Free of Winamp – Any Alternative Music Players Out There ?

Winamp undoubtedly by far has been the most successful Music Player till date. But, some like me who constantly keeps on thriving for better alternatives can't be made to follow a digital orthodoxy of "my-tech-friend-uses-it-so-should-I". To put it more honestly, I sparingly use Winamp and WMP for my music files

F&D Laptop Speakers (V560, V620 & E200) – Are They Any Good ?

For those who find built-in laptop sounds too mediocre or metallic to hear and looking for a portable speaker with good mobility, Fenda (F&D) has a product line addressing the same. And if you are on a netbook, then this becomes an absolute necessity ...

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