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Rumors On Facebook – Reality Check & Truth Behind (Part 1)

When ludicrous literates goes lazy and crazy, this is what exactly happens. Pranks, Chain-mails, Scams, Rumors & Hoaxes spreads like a wildfire as because of those thoughtless “likes” and “shares”. Ascertaining the claim, citations, source and authenticity of those mindless campaigns is a grave sin many who lives on the information highway …

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Aakash Tablet PC – Why It’s Release Didn’t Impress Me Much?

It’s not the Technology, but the Economy behind the much touted “Aakash – The Tablet PC” which is worrying me a bit. Every potential product has a great probability to go for a toss if not implemented well. With OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) project, we have already witnessed a classic example of Innovation & Creativity being put to the stake at various occasions in India. Similar is my concern…

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