Debunking Common Indian Myths – Series Introduction

indian myths and superstitions
And They Have Been Here For Ages !

Myths & Superstitions – So What is it?

We Indians are at our irrational best when it comes to remedial tasks to enjoy our life in good harmony !

And sometime, the things are so farfetched and illogical that it makes me wonder of the logical quotient in them. For example, I’d keep a Ganesha on Dashboard as an essential ritual to protect myself from any mishap but would refrain from seatbelts until policeman in sight.

DOs & DONTs – these are the various measures which are very much into the religious list of any community. Some would be treated as bad omen, and then some will be lucky charm for many.

Where from it came into the being?

You can’t expect anything more than grannies in their dotage reciting Ramcharitmanas as the only way of salvation than imbibing the very essence of it. No wonder the people of such mindset were the supreme source of so called sacrilegious ideas.

Do something good (this is just limited to offering prasads, lighting incense sticks, observing fasts etc), you will be in God’s goodbook and brace yourself to bear the brunt in case you tinker his mood by going wrong against his cynic will (read superstitions & myths).

It is our God fearing trait which dominates over the virtuous God loving trait. Depending upon whether we keep the deity in question pleased or displeased will shower coins or curses in accordance to that.

The anomalies in pseudo-religious thought evolved as myths and superstitions over the time. Yet another reason for absurd ideas was the prohibitive accent that was prevalent in those days. For example, a broken mirror can fetch you bad luck for 7 years. Well, in those days, mirrors were not abundantly available as it is today. Even a mishandling could have landed owner’s servant in few years of prison (maximum of 7 as per the law of land) as he damaged a ‘precious property’. Over the time, mirrors got cheaper but the curse continued.

Second reason may be the human psychology itself which will register mishap very soon but won’t care much for anything that remained unharmed. You may curse poor cat that it ruined your day with a single cross, but you will not buy any thought for many other passages it laid in your way without any unfortunate event afterwards (moreover like a single sin that can destroy all the goodwill earned throughout the life).

So everything that came under a proscribed tone against any forbidden territory evolved as a myth.

Can Science Help?

Discussing science here will be too rational in approach as I don’t mind prayers and few spiritual beliefs for one’s well being. I also advocate few of the subtle beings inside human and nature, discussing which will be beyond any scientific measures. Given that few of the customary also finds it root in scientific realms, they don’t bother me at all. It’s only the bizarre ideas with no proven base or doesn’t holds any merit that needs to be axed.

So will it ever come to an end?


Given that most of the myths find religion as an intimate cousin, they will continue to exist till aeon as none will dent into the ‘spiritual’ doctrine set by forefathers.

Also, though these are stupid yet harmless many a time, so there is no social or moral compulsion to eradicate it after all. Even learnt and prosperous men could be seen falling prey of superstition (A feline can stop a Ferrari by just crossing past its way!).

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So education may not be the key, but awareness and raised conscience is.

With the background above, I’ll be writing in installments against much prevalent myths and superstitions which have been here since time immemorial.

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