F&D (Fenda) A570U 2.1 Multimedia Speaker – Is It Any Good ?

For the large footprint it has, I won’t call it a computer speaker. Not a complete home theatre either for it is limited to 2.1 channel only. Categorizing them as towers will be little too much as the super slim long pair serves as satellite only. So what is it? Well, F&D A570U is a right mix of everything above and it depends over you that how you extract their multimedia capability keeping space or place in mind.

F&D A570U – A Home Theatre or a Computer Speaker or a Boombastic Tower ?

First Look

When the shop attendant brought me that huge carton, I assumed that my home will now be set up on higher decibels. But I was dumb struck when he got back again with yet another big carton which I learnt that is for satellites. So, F&D A570U comes packed in twin carton dedicated to woofer & satellites respectively. And getting them for somewhere around 6K was sounding as satisfactory if you are a staunch believer of something like ‘bigger-is-better’!

The only fear I had was my family who was fed up with my speaker obsession (I already own few other pairs), but since it was going to be paired up with newly bought 32” TV, they hardly resisted my expense. My wife, who is too concerned of home décor (she wouldn’t mind a life size teddy but these electronic monster is a space hog for her) too went gaga over it after she came across the shimmer finish all over the speakers. Fenda perhaps knew that this will mostly find a space in living room, so they chose the color and finish accordingly. Glitters muted later opponent and looked very complementary to the TV set with both satellite standing as a guard of honors besides it!

The Junior Rockstar A510 (right) with monstrous A570U ! – note the difference in size of subs

Package Content

Already said above, the whole unit comes packed in twin carton dedicated for woofer and satellites each. An obvious accessory like cable with 3.5mm jack on one end and RCA on another was also there for signal input.

The connection between woofer & satellite pair was to be done with push spring type grip connectors with ample length of speaker wire provided. The connection may seem to be a hassle for few, but comes to be of great advantage if supplied cable runs short. Thus, it gives enough of flexibility to stretch the satellites to any part of the room without worrying of the wire length (RCA/Banana cables comes with restricted or limited lengths, but you can always choose or cut speaker wires according to the custom length without much of the expense).

I though wish it had a remote too as leaning towards it for volume or tonal adjustment everytime takes away all the fun (especially if you are tweaking sweet spot for listening).

Nothing in extra, but nothing missing either!

Build Quality

It definitely oozes style with glitter paint as embellishment and glossy back as the overall color. But I was moreover interested in sturdiness which didn’t disappoint me either. Contoured metal grill over the woofer is common to almost all models of F&D with good mix of quality and strength. The combined weight of ~14 KG also persuades you for stellar performance with feet firmly put on ground.

All wooden satellite and main unit also dispels the word flimsy which finally earned them more stars.

Features & Specifications

Technical specification of F&D A570U

‘U’ as the postfix in model number itself hints towards a great feature which means an ability to play music (mp3 & wma) directly from USB drives or memory cards – a great utility for quick DJs at home! Dual microphone input is an added feat. A series of level control units like big volume knob, comparatively small bass-treble knob & mic volume adjustment knobs brings you the better controllability at a common panel. Powerswitch along with bassport has been put to the rear side.

Power output being 15Wx2 for satellites + 30W for active subwoofer (a total of 60 Watt RMS) came somewhere in the middle when compared to F&D F680 (17.5Wx2 for satellites + 35W for subwoofer) on higher side and F&D A510/520 (16W x 2 for satellites + 20W for subwoofer) on lower. Satellites with two 3” drivers in each channel could have been given little more power juices to do the full justice with it. Subwoofer of 6.5” bass driver though boasted decent amount of power for lower notes.

With adequate features and little above average power specs under its belly, A570U was not a letdown piece.


I was to place this bulky beast near my TV set in the living room, so clutter free installation was a word for the day. And since it comes with speaker wire with transparent cladding which itself are very slim, it gelled well with everything for a clean installation. Satellites too stood firm with broad and cushioned base. Getting them all connected with each was just a minute affair.


I presume many of you scrolled directly to here!

Even I was impatient enough to testfire it as soon as I got everything hooked. After digging to my collection with all the test tracks that I used for previous reviews, it was all set to go.

Fenda again lived up to my expectation which is not a surprise actually! Since it was going to be a performer at bigger stage, my primary concern was to notice if it was filling the hall properly – and it did. I though noticed that I enjoyed the sound much when sitting on sofa than standing. It may be because of satellites were at lower heights and I had a constraint to not to put it over anything (speakers with tower form factor are better left on ground). Contrary to its rated power of 30W, woofer outperformed my assumption. It was loud and powerful with no sign of weakness. Boominess was almost absent with distortion free attacks. Satellites on the other end sounded little timid and just registered their presence. I re-iterate, if granted little more power, they could have complimented the musical blast. Fenda upped the number of speakers in each channel but went stingy on power feed. 4 speakers struggling at the combined power of 30W (an average of 7.5W to each) was a little disappointment. But overall soundstage was indeed commendable. Lows were powerful, mids were energetic and highs were mediocre but listenable. Trebles weren’t at greater sparks which didn’t allow cymbals to hit hard, mids were very prominent which brought out the vocals well and bass was bold enough to favor percussion. I was delighted to notice that none were overpowering each other.

To sum up, it enveloped my hall as a 5.1 Channel Home Theatre could have done. Since I’m writing this review after more than a year of possession and listening, the speakers have got over its mechanical shyness (burn-in period) and doing even better than it did initially – and this is what that eventually compelled me to write a review!

The Verdict

Model F&D (Fenda) A570U
Features ★ ★ ★ ★
Build Quality ★★★★ ½
Performance ★★★ ½
Value for Money ★★★★

Aesthetically appealing and for the money it comes for, F&D A570U is a massive performer with its loud sound. A remote as an extra could have been a worthy addition to exploit its inbuilt USB playback facility. Treble seemed to be timid which can be brought to life by little equalization.

But, consolidating every feature and performance, Fenda wins again !

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  1. Kannan Feb 16, 2016 at 1:48 pm

    Hi Amit, its really great to go through your reviews. In a bit of dilemma..had brought the f&d A 110 ..its quite OK and returned it bcos of the over powering bass which made the mids and lows almost eaten up by the bass..at higher volumes distortion was visible..have upped my budget to 5 k..what would you suggest..AM into thumpy bass but at the same time my audiophile ears demands great highs mids and lows..was considering Sony ds 9 ,logitechs that wooden box one,..f and d come up with 550x..which one? Anything else u can suggest..basically would be connecting this to my 40″ TV and stream music movies on it via Chromecast..just to know where i am coming from in my hometown have the old z5500 Logitech and its crystal even now..could u suggest me something least as good as that and at the same time u get some good thumpy bass on the music front.

  2. Kannan Feb 16, 2016 at 1:50 pm

    Forgot to mention am looking only for 2.1…and the Logitech z623 is beyond my budget..thanks a ton!

  3. Alexander Cage Mar 7, 2017 at 11:21 pm

    Kannan, if you haven’t bought the speakers yet and are not a fenda fan, I’d recommend you to buy creative speakers and trust me when I say this, you’ll forget F&D.


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