F&D (Fenda) A520 Speaker System – Is It Any Good ?

With F&D A510's review garnering good response, I encouraged myself to write yet another article on its close cousin F&D A520 which I discovered soon after having bought myself the former model ...

With F&D A510’s review garnering good response, I encouraged myself to write yet another article on its close cousin F&D A520 which I discovered soon after having bought myself the former model. But, given that both models are so identical in performance & core components, I’d just like the readers to redirect to aforesaid review and take it as if they are reading it for the F&D A520’s.

F&D A520
F&D A520 & F&D A520 Multimedia Speakers


The only difference between both the models are the Satellite Speakers unit. Whereas A510 sports thermoset hemispherical satellites, A520 comes coupled with wooden babies in cubical form factor. Guys probably would also fall for A520 as they might look more aesthetically appealing to them (quite subjective though). The sound output of the satellites in tandem with the identical subwoofer produces the same soundstage. For me, there was no audible differences between the two despite of the varied satellite units. Conclusively, I again highlight the indistinguishability of both the products when it comes to sonic performance. So, considering F&D A520 as an iterative model of F&D A510, the buying decision will be solely based on looks rather than performance. The only difference is Vintage vs Modern design of satellites with difference in material used with little or no perceivable acoustic differences. Read F&D A510 Review here …

The Verdict :

Model F&D (Fenda) A520
Features ★ ★ ★
Build Quality ★ ★ ★ ½
Performance ★ ★ ★ ★ ½
Value for Money ★ ★ ★ ★ ½

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  • Hi Amit,

    Read your F&D A-510 review and liked it.
    As you have tried both A-510 & A-520, I wish that you please tell me is there any difference in the audio between the two.
    I am able to get A-510 at Rs. 300 lesser than A-520 so just wanted a First hand user experience as Flipkart user reviews have been rave for A-520 and NOT the same for A-510.

    • Well, at this juncture, even I’d go for A520 because of its wooden satellite enclosures. BUT – if you compare them by listening separately, I don’t think if you’d notice any difference. And this is the reason why I didn’t write the separate review similar to A510. Also, I have already stated that they have just a cosmetic difference. Even the wooden satellite is producing superior sound, it is not much audible and noticeable. As for the price, the difference ranges from 100-300 on different stores. And you are reading rave reviews over Flipkart just because A520 stepped in just after A510 and stole the show !!!

    • Yes, or maybe because of the looks too. You can also see that performance chart is all same. As for the price, I don’t think if there is much of the difference. So yes, F&D A520 !

    • I just want to know about the power consumption…How much power will it consume if i use it 3hrs a day???

      • A little lesson first.

        Don’t go with the misleading figures like 5000-6000W claimed by any brand. If that be the real unit, it will consume nearly 5 times more power than a regular immersion rod (rated 1000W). And you won’t be able to connect it to regular 5-15 Amp power socket either !

        Thus, look out for RMS (50-60 in above type of spears). But here again is a good news ! You’ll be touching that figure only when you crank up the volume, bass and every other acoustic feature to the max extracting full amplifier potential. Ideally, it would consume anywhere between 10-20W over regular listening.

        So, the final answer is – it will consume as much as amount of power drawn by standard CFL (slightly less or more depending upon usage) per hour.

        Play happy – and save energy !

  • i buy A510 and have little doubt

    when i switch them off directly from main power. it produce some weird sounds while shutdown. but when i shutdown it from switch which is on woofer it don’t produce sound and shutdown properly. so is it good to shutdown it from main switch or power off from woofer switch and then main ?

    • I personally switch it off from mains only because I’ll have to lean against the corner everytime where my subwoofer is placed and had no problem till date. There is no rule of thumb by the way, but while switching it on, go for the mains first – then woofer switch. Explanation here is more of an electrical engineering which goes beyond the scope of this article. Will mail you personally though !

  • As per Flipkart page, in additional feature its mention – USB Reader Control. Aamit could you please tell me about its other features too and does it support USB device too?

    • Both F&D A510 & A520 has NO USB support for the purpose of direct playback from USB (Pendrives) devices. You can check in different models from F&D for for that particular feature. Also, there are few speakers which are USB powered than normal audio output unit – I guess you are talking about V520 then.

      • Hi. Undoubtedly a superb review. Every cm of it is worth its length in Platinum.
        Regarding USB support, I think Fenda A510 comes with USB as well as SD card port. Also i saw one of these being played directly by a pen drive today itself. Regarding the price..there is a supposedly wholesale outlet “BestPrice” at my place ( Vijayawada AP). They are selling Fenda A510 for 1400 rs in retail. Yes. Price at Reliance store in 1798 rs. Amit i still have my doubts regarding “fullness of sound as compared to Altec Lansing VS2621. I am leaning towards Fenda just because of the capablity to play pen drive. Thanx again for fantastic review making me more confident towards Fenda. Will check out AL VS 2621 and Fenda A510 once more at store before buying though.

        • Thanks Arpit !
          I again confirm that F&D A510 doesn’t have any USB/SDCard slots (I personally own this piece). Though they have other series and models which have all those features. Yes, you can compare between both this brands and can make your conclusions as per your taste. I’ll, if possible, will also try to add review of Altec Lansing AL VS 2621 (or maybe the comparative one).

  • Hello Amit, you really write as you’re website states. Good blog. Coming to point . I am having creative 2.1 which I bought 5 years back with wired remote. sub woofer started making noise something like Grrrrr and i need to switch off and switch on if i’m lucky it will stop what would be the reason?

  • Hello Mr.Amit,
    I want to buy a decent 2.1 set. I have a couple of sets in my mind =(Creative Gigaworks T3, Logitech Z623, Sonodyne PQube). Since you already own A510 and say that the sound is similar to A520, could you please help me in deciding. I want to know how good/sweet it sounds (the frequency response of A520 is really impressive-if we take their word for it – 20HZ-20000 KHZ which is perhaps the absolute limit and too good to be true – In fact, I remember having heard Creative Gigaworks(Cambridge) 2.1 some years ago and also the THX Certified Razer Mako 2.1 (both of which claimed to have a frequency response of 25Hz to 20000 Khz and they sounded really good). Recently I heard the Logitech Z623 (which was not that impressive – and though Logitech did not mention the frequency response anywhere, I read in some review that it is in the range of 35Hz to 20000 Khz – which again is doubtful as their earlier Z2300 had the same frequency but sounded much better-). I am sure you must have heard any of these speakers. Now, can you compare the sound of A520 with any of the above sets (thought they all are costlier models) or is is anywhere near the Creative T3 (again a costly model). This is just for comparison sake. What I am actually looking for is for a 2.1 system with good range – with the bass that we can not only hear but also ‘feel’ and with a good clarity at the higher frequency.


    • Tricky question to reply with, as though they may fall in same category (2.1 channel) but are of different league and performance. I’d indeed answer it with an analogy of two-wheeler with different segments:

      F&D A510/520 : Honda Splendor and any other 100CC bike you think was a bang for the buck in every aspect.

      Creative T3, Logitech Z623 & Altec MX5021 (Discontinued now) : CBZ, Pulsar & Karizma.

      As for the frequency response and ratings, personally speaking, just believe your ears than anything.

      Hope I made my point !

      • Thanks for the reply. However, I am not a bike freak so I feel stuck. Anyway, please let me know if the bass of A520 is something that we can ‘feel’ – you know how it hits you on the chest – clean, strong, punchy without unnatural boom and the middle and high ranges are sufficiently clear. I agree with you that frequency response and ratings are nothing and the ultimate proof is in hearing. Since you have heard the A510 (which is supposed to be similar to A520 except for the cosmetic difference) what is your judgment on A520? Does it sound like a good competitor to the ones mentioned above.


        • Well, it indeed have some raw power to produce rumbling bass around the desktop and rattle it too. But feeling thump on the chest is occasional which depends over the kind of beat you are playing (and the player itself). After all, one can’t expect something more out of with this 52 RMS mini-beast and it will be like asking for too much with sub 2K price. But my 8×10 room enjoys all its sonic bliss with commendable clarity.

          Maybe you can try its superior sibling F6000 which comes with 8inch woofer and shall suffice what you are looking for (5.1 channel though but you can configure it for stereo output). And like A520/510, this too will give you a bang for buck with its colossal performance.

          I’ve also written to F&D to launch something in Audiophile or Premium category for which I wont mind shelling out few extra grands and will have REAL competition with the brands and models we both have mentioned above.

        • Thanks again for the quick reply. I agree that it would be asking for too much to compare a 2.1 speaker costing around 2k with costlier brands costing 4 or 5 times more, but sometimes we do find some really good sets which sound better than their costlier competitors.A520 may be one such set. I do not mind paying a little extra but I expect to get some quality for the amount paid (bang for the buck). That is why all these queries. F6000 looks crowded, and I would prefer a 2.1 any day.

          By the way, I saw the photograph of its successor (?) A521 in their website which has some additional features including a 1.5 inch tweeter in the sat which must give a better detail of the sound. I do not know if this is available in India. I am glad that you have written to F&D to bring out a premium audiophile quality 2.1 system and I sincerely hope that they listen to this. I am sure with the price advantage of F&D it could be the largest selling 2.1 in India. I too do not mind waiting for that.


        • With my personal experience (that I’ve wrote in my review of A510), I was willing to buy z623 (sad that ultra successful MX5021 is no more in production) but when I listened to this piece, I chose to stick with it only. The reason – Price vs Performance index. The performance which these sets delivers in the given budget is truly impressive. And same can’t be said about its pricier counterparts. So this is what helped me make my decision (though I’m still looking out for premium sets in audiophile range). A510/520 are definitely not of audiophile grade but the BEST (I repeat – THE BEST) in its category and budget or even more. So my last take would be to take it as an intermediate piece for those who cant afford premium beasts but wouldn’t want to miss the bang & boom at the same time.

        • Thanks again. You mentioned that you were willing to buy Z623 but after hearing A520 decided for the latter based on the price vs performance index. Frankly, I found the sound of Z623 loose (loud but not well defined, taught). Did you like the sound of Z623 (even at its current price)? Or you feel that the A520 sound is better compared to Z623? What is the premium/audiophile system you have heard and liked? What is the price quoted?
          Do you think M5021 is a good buy if it is available.I read that it has some hissing problem. By the way, M5021 is available in Naptol for about 8k. I do not know if this is a reliable site.

        • Well, I was primarily looking out for MX5021. But the later models were little compromised as compared to its earlier siblings (if some online reviews are to be believed). And discontinuation of it also brought down the further hope to purchase it (I too saw it over the site you mentioned but I’m skeptical about it availability). Coming to Z263, yes it is little loud followed by overpowered bass, but I was looking out for THX certified speakers after MX5021 and zeroed in over this. Since I didn’t audition it over my own system with various samples and settings, I’ll reserve it for the future comments. With no sense of comparision, Fenda’s unit gave much of the desired clarity which makes for a good and detailed listening.

          For you second query, with budget as no constraint, one can go for Denon, Onkyo, Diamond Audio, Wharfedale etc. (I don’t like Bose as all, they are just overpriced units). Personally, the best listening pleasure for me will be out of 2.0 configuration (Subs+Mids+Tweeters in each) than 2.1. And I just hate something like what they call ‘gaming speakers’ – all that they manufacture above 10K bears the name as a marketing gimmick as if gamers are the only one with fat wallet. You can also go for brands like Edifier which also manufactures good sets of speakers in mid range i.e. 2-20 K. And if you take my words for 2.0, then M-audio, Audio Engine, Wharfedale etc are the way to go.

        • Your reply is very revealing. I too have heard Bose (companion 5) and feel that though it sounds soft and sweet, it lacks the punch. Yes, Denon, Onkyo, Diamond Audio etc. are clean sounding speakers but are they available in India and if yes, can you be a little more specific about the model numbers of these and availability?

          Secondly, I also find the specifications of Edifier S730 attractive. I am sure it sounds good too. Have you heard this? Where it is available on/offline?

          Thirdly, since you mentioned about 2.0 speakers, I happen to have a set of Mission MK70 speakers, made in Great Britain, with a 6.5 inch PP cone speaker and 1.5 inch tweeter (frequency response 35-20000) but without an amplifier. Can you enlighten me as to how I can connect these to my desktop.

        • Dear Mr Amit,

          Thanks to your superb review and valuable suggestions, I have finally bought A520 and I must say that it is worth every penny. No regrets. It can definitely stand the competition from any 2.1 system in that price range (I got it through Flipkart and it was Rs.1983 when I ordered but later I find it has gone up by another Rs.56/- for reasons best known to Flipkart. The sound is good, full range, excellent mid and decent high, though the bass could have been a little tighter, but since the sub box is very light, it cannot be expected. I too wish they had made the SW a little heavier for that size of the sub-woofer (6.5 inch) which would have made it real hi fi class,but even now it is not a bad bass. The first set I ordered had some volume problem and when contacted Flipkart they immediately replaced the set and took back the defective one.

          You had queried about the SN ratio of this model – i found it in the leaflet of the second set (it is around 65 db) but all the technical specifications of these sets should be taken with a pinch of salt (except for the sub/sat size).

          I hope F&D come out with a premium set soon with audiophile quality and with a reasonable price. If you get any positive clue or response from them, please send me a mail.



        • You’ve exactly echoed my sentiment !!! I too agree with you for that SubWoofer could have been little heavier, but it all boils down with a single concern – the price it comes for ! And for the price, Flikpart is perhaps exploiting demand-and-supply theory. It was around 1.7K when launched (I bought it for 1.8K in local market).So, contrary to price going down by the time for electronic items, F&D has witnessed reverse trend over Flipkart.

          Secondly, it would be interesting to see their premium model launched with same price-to-performance ratio keeping we audiophile satiated (have also written them in this regard as a suggestion if they want to have an edge over competition in every segment)…
          Keeping my fingers crossed till then !

          And thanks for the feedback, it encourages me to write further …

        • I wish to buy a decent 2.1 speaker.
          Ltlbit confused between creative sbs A335 vs f&d a520 ….
          Plz can u suggest whch one is btr !

        • I personally would never go for Creative again for the reason I’ve cited in A510 review. And to me, A520 packs more punch and power than SBS A335. But yes, there is considerable price difference between the two. If you can afford A520/510, then go for it but if you are in tight budget, SBS A335 wont disappoint you either.

        • Hi Amit,

          I wonder if the recently launched F&D F680 is the result of your communication with F&D to launch an audiophile grade 2.1 speaker system. The appearance of F680 is similar to Bose Companion 3 and Creative’s T3 speaker systems. I hope the satellite speakers of F680 which is 2.25 inches like the above two companies is able to handle both midrange and treble and unless they are audiophile grade like Creative T3, they will have a hard time belting out a decent midrange. The subwoofer cabinet size is bigger than A520 and therefore, hopefully the bass should be better. I hope the overall sound quality is as good as or at least nearer to these heavyweights.
          Based on your reviews and comments, I had bought my A520 six months ago and I am very happy with its performance. Though the F&D specification is 20HZ – 20000 KHZ for this, I found out that it sounds best between 40HZ to 16000 KHZ ) and the sound becomes weak and inaudible beyond this range. Yet it sounds quite impressive in the near field. Since I was craving for a little extra treble, I replaced the satellite speakers with two car speakers that I had – a 3 way – 6 inch woofer – 2 inch aluminum mid-range and 1 inch aluminum tweeter – 4 ohms impedance like original satellite speakers- and with a little tweaking with the VLC equalizer sounds much better.Hope it lasts.
          When I saw the news that F&D have launched F680, I remembered your comments. I am sure this is what we were waiting for. An audiophile grade 2.1 system at a competitive price. Please try to review F680 and let us have your valuable suggestions/comments. I am sure, there are so many music hungry souls like us waiting for an audiophile grade 2.1 at a good price.


  • Do anyone have idea how to save and store FM frequency as well the Bass and treble, Whenever I switched on my A555U it starts with the default settings….

    • For A520 & 521, I guess you missed my lines where I said “the buying decision will be solely based on looks rather than performance” (I also request you the read comments of both the articles which will perhaps answer it all). Both are same car with different headlights !!! So you need worry about how the ride quality will be which is solely based upon engine and other major parts …

      As for A555U (compared to above models), its is little week on bass but rich in features.

  • Good review amith. I got a510 yesterday after a lot of research on 2.1 class. Indeed i was a bit confused bw 510 and 520. My friend owns 520 and i own 510. Wat we observed was treble is quite good in 510 than that of 520. Nd remaining features almost same. No doubt both are great performers for the budget.

  • Hi Amit,
    one last doubt if could clesr it..
    is it also equally good for watching movies with crisp and clear vocals?..

    • Yes it is ! Also make sure that you keep the tonal level with optimum settings (the equalizer settings of player & bass settings of speakers itself)

  • great then… i’m ordering these speakers now… and joining ur league of Fenda A520 speakers :)

  • Hey amit what are ur thoughts on fenda’s new model F680.. it has better output that A520
    F680 is 70W and A520 is 52W.
    Bass drivers are same for both but f680 has better ouput. F680 – 35W, A520 – 20W
    A520 4″ full range driver for the sattelite speakers n f680 has 2.25″ but f680 has a better output of 17.5x2W whereas A520 has an output of 16x2W
    I think F680 costs more that A520
    But purelybased on performance which one would you suggest ??

  • My Question is same as above from Mr Deepak. We hope you can also enlighten over this also.

    Wish to receive a quick reply if possible.


    • Rohit & Deepak, F680 quiet a new model over which I’m yet to lay my hands upon. But the specs sounds quiet convincing. Yes, the price is on little higher side but I presume that F&D must have justified them as it did with A510 & A520. Will publish a review as soon as I audition them.

      • Hi Amit,
        I was also going to buy F&D’s F680 from Flipkart, but one suspicious thing I see is that Flipkart added this F680, later they marked it as discontinued! Any idea? Did they get any info that F680 does not perform?

  • Dear Amit,

    Thanks for answering the query.
    Also I would like to ask if you could comment about a similar hardware 42RMS 2.1 system of edifier if compared to f&d and the quality of sound difference between edifier and f&d.

    A similar range 2.1 system of edifier is better or f&d. Which one is superior over the other in terms of sound Quality.


  • Finally I bought F&D A520 through flipkart.

    Frankly, I bought this 2.1 for movies and so I am happy. As far as its performance in music is concerned, it appears cannot even defeat Creative SBS A300’s bass and treble reproduction. I am telling again, I am very happy as it delivers excellent midrange as well as clear sharp deep bass.

    Let me say the reasons and see the comparisons below after my testing. I have been using SBS A300 for 4 years.

    SBS A300 Vs F&D A520 —->

    – Mix of Tight and Boomy bass Vs slightly Boomy bass with fully lacking tight bass.

    – Average midrange Vs Excellent midrange reproduction. This makes movies much real and enjoyable.

    – Average deep bass clarity Vs Sharp deep bass clarity (theater feeling.)

    – Fair treble reproduction Vs just average treble reproduction.

    – Overwhelming bass Vs Well balanced bass and impressive midranges (Makes overall listening experience stunning)

    No tight bass. Such a bass range appears not reproducible by the subwoofer. I remember many songs that has tight bass sounds as well as vibrations clearly pronounced by SBS A300, but completly disappearing in A520. Maybe the sub specializes in deep bass only (20Hz to 120Hz), then the upper bass end probably suffers. Those deep bass and vibrations SBS A300 struggled to reproduce are well heard and clear in A520. Overall in my view, this makes A520 not up to the mark for music. However the deep bass makes movies real and we feel we are in a theater. It also males us think the frequency reproduction gap between sub and satellites is somewhat large to get noticed while listening.

    For the money we pay, this is excellent for movies and may not be good for music. Also a refreshing experience for all who used Creative in the past days.

    It is also clear that from its specs… A520 will behave like this. Build quality is excellent and amazed to see the stuff.

    Also since the bass is not tight, we may have to give more bass via SRS trubass, DFX etc for a heart thumping bass from the sub. I think, tweaking equalizer bands can affect a frequency that is reproducible and cannot affect that is not reproducible at all.

    Anyway, I really really enjoy it for movies.

    • Good observations Louis !!! But after few tweaks and thoughtful placements, I’ve managed to squeeze great music performance (I primarily use my sets for music only with casual movies) out of my A510 unit.

      • Dear Amit,

        Very hopeful to see your reply stating that A520 can be well tuned from an equalizer. This is really a good news for music lovers owning A520. Could you please share the optimal EQ settings that brought the best out of the drivers? Also please mention how many bands does the equalizer have which you used to fine tune A520?

        I saw at several sites that corner placement of sub and sitting diagonally to it brings more energy towards the listener. Have you discovered any new ideas of positioning the subwoofers for optimal listening experience?


        • Shared here is the screenshot of the equalizer settings for better reference. Be advised that it may also depend on the source track like its genre and format. I used FLAC sample for this club music.


          As for the speakers placement, its more of a room acoustics which may be quite subjective in nature. But general rule is – have the Subs placed beneath the table (ground) and the distance between both the satellites should be equal to the distance between you and monitor. A general placement diagram below:


        • Thank You Very Much Amit; you are so generous to share this with us. The custom preset setting on 10-band EQ is very informative, in this case for club genre, so we all can get into fine tuning A520 with our custom presets for various genres!

          The placement of drivers will be very useful to all of us.

          Once again thanking you Amit.

        • Amit, I will be back with results after testing A520 sub with frequencies from 10Hz to 300Hz

  • Thank you Amit for your valuable reviews and comments.

    I wanted a 2.1 ch speaker for long but never got a perfect mix of performance with price.

    After going through a lots of reviews i had shortlisted Altec Lansing VS2621 as my final choice. But after going through each and every word of your article and comments, i realised that i should change my decision.

    So now i’ll definitely buy F&D A520.

    Your comments were very helpful in makin my decision. And the speakers placement diagram is also very helpful.

    Thanks a lot. Please comtinue your work by reviewing more products like this. Regards.

    • Well Aseem, I presume you must have gone through this link for VS2621. They nearly comes up for the same price which may put you into the dilemma. The major difference is power output and subwoofer size where F&D has an edge. You can also go for comments over Flipkart to make the final decision where almost all the purchasers have given it a thumbs up !!!

  • I have checked the A520 sub woofer using sounds from 10Hz to 300Hz. It clearly reproduces frequencies from 30Hz to about 130Hz. Above that the reproduction weakens as the range goes up, however it managed to reproduce up to 300Hz. We can hope by using a 10 band EQ or above, tune A520’s subwoofer for tight bass. Then it would be more enjoyable for music too.

    • Hey, people same observation as above on my A520. For, Music it needs 10 band eq. with ~125 ~250 ~500Hz notched up. Still the responsibility of tight bass production lies solely with the 4 inch drivers on the satellites which turns out only satisfactory. Treble output is also at most satisfactory. All in all one can never get better speakers for movie viewing but audiophiles may want to look for something in this range by altec-lansing, sony or maybe even edifier.

    • Hi Louis,
      Can you please share the info as to how you checked the A520 subwoofer sound from 10Hz to 300Hz. I too own A520 and want to know how it sounds in this range( between 10 and 30Hz. In fact, I tried different frequencies and found out that it starts sounding good only from and above 40Hz onwards (30Hz sounds almost inaudible). If I could tune my A520 to 10 Hz (or at least 20Hz onwards) with your help, it would be an added dimension to this set, which has perhaps one of the most sought after 2.1 sets with best and loads of positive reviews.


      • Hi Jayaram,
        I got mp3 files from internet to test subs (not remembering from which website I got it). I played them from a Asus HD media player connected to A520. No equalizer used. I hear frequencies from 20Hz-30Hz on playback but at a higher volume and that is not well audible because we may have some limitation in perceiving them or A520 may not do the job well in this range. Unfortunately, we need to have an equalizer comprising of 30 bands to do such a fine tune (I remember Ashampoo media player have 30 band EQ). 10 band slider boosts frequencies belong to a wide range and is not pretty accurate.

        • Hi Louis,

          Thanks for the reply. I am unable to download Ashampoo media player (it gets disconnected with the message ‘ an error occured…’. May be it has some virus. Can you please suggest a reliable link to download this player.


  • Hey Amit,

    Excellent work above. Also would appreciate if you our anyone of the users could comment upon the overall all built and music clarity from similar powered and similar price ranged 2.1 speaker sets from f&d, creative and edifier.

    Which one would be worth a buy and does high watt RMS makes a big difference if u compare 28 w RMS to 34 w RMS to 54 w RMS.


    • Thanks Rohit for your word of appreciation ! Well, I’m on my way to check couple of Altec Lansing models which will be published anytime soon. As far as Edifier is concerned, I’ve been hearing of it among some respectable names, so I myself is willing to get my hands dirty over it. Stay tuned for the same !

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