With F&D A510’s review garnering good response, I encouraged myself to write yet another article on its close cousin F&D A520 which I discovered soon after having bought myself the former model. But, given that both models are so identical in performance & core components, I’d just like the readers to redirect to aforesaid review and take it as if they are reading it for the F&D A520’s.

F&D A520

F&D A520 & F&D A520 Multimedia Speakers


The only difference between both the models are the Satellite Speakers unit. Whereas A510 sports thermoset hemispherical satellites, A520 comes coupled with wooden babies in cubical form factor. Guys probably would also fall for A520 as they might look more aesthetically appealing to them (quite subjective though). The sound output of the satellites in tandem with the identical subwoofer produces the same soundstage. For me, there was no audible differences between the two despite of the varied satellite units. Conclusively, I again highlight the indistinguishability of both the products when it comes to sonic performance. So, considering F&D A520 as an iterative model of F&D A510, the buying decision will be solely based on looks rather than performance. The only difference is Vintage vs Modern design of satellites with difference in material used with little or no perceivable acoustic differences. Read F&D A510 Review here …

The Verdict :


Model F&D (Fenda) A520
Features * * *
Build Quality * * * 1/2
Performance * * * * 1/2
Value for Money * * * * 1/2

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