Flipkart vs Infibeam vs NBCIndia – Which is the Best ?

Since e-commerce based markets are witnessing an upsurge these days, Online Book Stores in India are no exception to ride the waves. And having some biggies foraying into it of late, market has just become fierce & competitive. Both Availability & Affordability are the basic USP here. The greatest limitation of any physical store is to have limited capacity of book for display and sale whereas Online Book Stores seems advantageous on this constraint. But all said and done, many of the end users are still wee bit skeptical about the Online Stores. And those who want to, they are bugged by the various option in hand, which means which shop to go for. So I thought it will be worthwhile to share my experience with 3 prominent bookstores from where I’ve made several purchases so far (now 95% of my purchase comes from them only).

To help myself to find the best store(s) out there, I started it all with NBCIndia. Then Infibeam – touted as the next Amazon of India, I was curious enough to validate the claim and placed the due orders. Since I was also seeing a lot of search results from Flipkart too, I also gave it a try to check what they are upto. And finally I compiled my review.

Below are my experiences with them in my saga of “which is the best Online Book Shop – Flipkart or Infibeam or NBCIndia ?”

Flipkart – A Shopper’s Delight


To sum it up in a single word – AWESOME !!! These guys are brilliant professionals and seems to be taking the business seriously. Merely started with Booksale as their flagship offering and gradually ventured into more products. I resorted to Flipkart as a part of my experimental buyouts and after making several purchase from them, I now personally count it as my default market place for all those biblical odyssey !!!

Their pricing seems to be competitive. Though I sometimes don’t mind paying few bucks more given that I’m also buying a peace of mind by coughing out a premium. Courier is free if the order amount exceeds 100 INR which is a norm these days with other sites too. International Shipping is missing, but personally speaking, this bothers me the least as long as I’m in India.

I initially ordered three books from them and to my surprise, It was delivered within the stated time frame. Impressed by its service, I again placed an order but with a bigger budget this time (after the iteration of faith with my first purchase). And I was again delighted by seeing how they handled all my purchase orders and constantly updating me with all the deliveries. Cash on Delivery (COD) is yet another good reason to shop with them. This also comes as a compelling factor for those who are skeptical about online stores.Plus, they cover major part compared to others in the business. As soon as the books are couriered (consignor address varies because of their procurement channel), you will be sent a mail which includes all the tracking information.

Packaging is also robust with cartons and bubble wrappers (filler rolls in some cases) ensuring good condition of the consignment. Though not very important, but its worth mentioning that each books is properly sealed with plastic and a bookmark slipped in – a good practice of professionalism and brand making. Though I don’t like tiny stickers on the back reading Flipkart.


These guys are brilliant professionals who seems to be taking their business seriously…


All the order details are also manged with neat format in the user account section with all the updates. And whenever there is any delay/cancellation in the process (almost rare), they will politely apologize with a mail and giving you all the status of that particular item. One also has an option with a dedicated user interface to send an email regarding any particular item. This comes handy when you want to inquire about a some book(s) out of multiple purchase made all at once.

Now – The Customer Service. Rather than writing it in a formal way, Id like to mention one of an instance which speaks volume of them. Out of my series of purchase from them, I once received a defective piece of book with torn pages inside. I just dropped in a suggestive mail stating that they should follow quality-check more stringently prior to packing. I also wrote that since this is happening for the first time and I have no qualms with them whatsoever as because of the good track record, I’m keeping that defective book with me to extend my goodwill gesture to them.On the very next day I got a call from them apologizing over the matter and asked if I wanted the replacement.I declined. Again after half an hour I got yet another call with the same request. I again declined politely. Now they called me up for the third time with their senior in scene (passively) stating that though I’ve refused to accept the replacement copy,they would indeed compensate for the damages met. And I was gifted with Store Credit of  equivalent amount as a token of apology. Now thats what I call CUSTOMER SERVICE. I’ve also noticed that they reply back to every mail promptly – be it general query, suggestions or any other correspondence matter.

Averaging all the features and experience provided, I recommend everyone out there to go Flipkarting – its worth the every penny spent !!!

  • Scope for Improvement : Introduction of more offers & freebies to loyal customers apart from general discounts which is quite common with other stores too.

Infibeam – Losing The Sheen


I wish I had read the reviews on the other sites (mouthshut for instance) prior to ordering anything from them.

Honestly, their pricing is at par with other site. But this doesn’t means everything (will justify below). They also have a free courier service with order(s) exceeding 100 INR. Like Flipkart, they too have COD feature with them with select items and cities. One of the plus point with Infibeam is that they have International Shipping arrangements with them (charges borne by the consignee).

I for the purpose of my test purchase ordered couple of books from them.While browsing, my item of desire bore the tag of 2-3 days of supposed delivery time. So far so good.Now after adding the items to my shopping cart, I proceeded to the check out and made the payment. And this is when things started to turn sour. After hitting the pay button, I was redirected back to the merchant site and was thrown with payment failure. I then frantically checked my bank account only to find that the amount has been debited. With all the gripe within, I raised the issue with both the parties – Infibeam & CCAvenue which was latter resolved in two days with few hair splitting.

But saga of surprises didn’t stop here. After receiving a mail that order has been confirmed, I with the matter of curiosity checked my user account with them. The items which where boasted to be with me within 2-3 days now got postponed for almost a week. Which meant, if the order was confirmed on the day 1st, you’ll have to wait till day 7th, and only after that the books will be couriered which will take 2-3 more days. My heart skipped a beat, but I patiently waited for the so called D-day. And during that period of time, I entertained myself reading the negative reviews over the other websites and cursing myself. Now when the date arrived, there was no activity from their side.


Marketing (especially online) to the best of my knowledge is something like a parachute – you have to fare well in the maiden chance itself …

I somehow maintained my cool and decided to wait for one more day. Still no activity. Shouting enough is enough, I called up for customer care. But the man on the other end seemed to more interested in flaunting his language skills rather than solving my problem. He in his typical American accent retorted,  “the item is out of stock” and hit pause. It sounded like as if I have to give him the clue that what should be done now. He then resumed stating that they are trying to procure the books from their partner vendors and will deliver the books as soon as possible. I banged down the phone with a confession – Sorry Dad, I wasted your hard earned money to the kitty of scamsters.

There were two things, which if addressed properly may have earned them some credits from me. First, they should have at least bothered to updated me with the delay and shouldn’t have taken the orders if the item was out of stock. The things went ahead only when I had to intervene and ask about the status of delivery. Second, even when called up, there was no sense of apology prevailing which could have pacified a customer like me. Having lost all the faith, I waited for my stuffs. I also made up my mind to ask for the cancellation and refund if it gets delayed further.

Now it was my luck playing over there that one out of two books was delivered (with reputed courier service). And in the mean time I also had a conversation with them asking for the cancellation of second book. But I was told that since the second books has gone out of the market, they will be giving me an Imported Hard Bound edition with the same price within 15-20 days. Maybe it was too good to be true or I don’t know if this was yet another bait, I declined to the offer on the fair ground that I’ve no more faith in them. The only best part of the story was that the balance amount was credited back to my account promptly.

Book was “finally” delivered but the packaging was nothing to write home about. It came in a Plastic seal, but the material inside was wrapped with thick paper sheet which could have been much better. But given that it was a single book, I presume that for higher numbers, they may be having carton packing. And this is where Flipkart has an edge – no matter how much you order, all of them arrive in a carton pack. And Infibeam too had bookmark enclosed with it.

Sad enough, my first purchase became the last too.

  • Scope for Improvement : It takes a lot to build a brand. Many customers like me swear by it. And given that e-commerce will get more fierce by each coming days, being an early entrant and having a good brand value, Infibeam does have lots of potential. But it will lose it to its competition if above shopping experience doesn’t improves.

NBCIndia – Boring But Works


If the quick analogy of the two above websites is the Shopping Malls with good ambiance with all the bells an whistles, then this is nothing but a street book shop with no sense of aesthetics and urban glitz. The site seems to be very outdated which may prevent potential customer to believe that if the site is authentic. Only VeriSign logo at the footer came out to be the saving grace.

Unlike Flipkart, which have channel partners spread over various metros (this sometimes also ensures the faster delivery), NBCIndia is limited to Delhi only.But this doesn’t matters much as number of books available with them are respectable.

They also happens to be the first website from where I made my first purchase. Their price sometimes aren’t as great as Flipkart and Infibeam, but I don’t mind paying the extra bucks if the books aren’t available with any other online bookstores. So, I personally consider NBCIndia as my secondary option. They have COD facility (but not as great as Flipkart with limited area coverage) & International Shipping arrangements. Though paid shipping even for the domestic areas is a major setback (free only when amount exceeds Rs. 399)*.

[one_half]Their customer care is average. NBCIndia needs to realize that online business sometimes demands 24×7 culture, no one likes the phone call being picked up by a peon for his query and being asked to callback over the next working day. Though, when at desk, they hear you properly.[/one_half]


Most of the business houses sees no sign of aggressive expansion and innovative approach.NBCIndia is sadly one of them…


This bookstore too needs to have a good inventory management system.  Just like Infibeam, they too once picked up the order for the the book which latter turned out to be out of stock. But the issue was resolved without any fuss and amount was credited back to my account. But still, my major concern while ordering, otherwise “InStock” is just a vestigial tag.

NBCIndia’s packaging also leaves much to be desired. It sends you all the books in a cardboard envelope, which by no means can be considered robust. But they too have a collaboration with reputed courier service.

Interestingly, they provide you with occasional gifts and rewards with some purchase. Though this may fall under the marketing gimmick, but I still appreciate their effort for freebies.

Still this is smitten by mediocre presentation and overall experience.

  • Scope for Improvement : The website seriously needs a complete facelift followed by more professionalism.

*The reflected rate during the time article has been written.

The Verdict

Site/Feature Site Navigation Pricing Packaging Customer Service COD Int. Shipping
The comparison chart (scores out of 5)
Flipkart 4.5 4 4 4.5 Yes No
Infibeam 4.5 4 3.5 2.5 Yes Yes
NBCIndia 2.5 3.5 3.5 3.0 Yes Yes

The Last Word

It is clearly evident that Infibeam, despite of all its virtues had customer service as their achilles heel. Also, a good inventory practice with updated database is the key of good business and keep the customers coming back to you. On the other hand, Flipkart takes delivery time, better customer care, competitive price as their USP. NBCIndia, also needs to realize that good website is a metaphor of great Shopping Mall which everyone of us would appreciate, plus, they need to address certain caveats for a fair survival.

Conclusively, I’d go with Flipkart (till date) !!!

PS : Shipping rates and other terms of service may change over the time according to the company. So readers are also encouraged to check it with the respective sites itself.


The review was written when eCommerce was just warming up with countable major players in the scene. Out of them, few evolved, few stayed the same and few gave up eventually. And this is their current status:

Flipkart : They are still ruling the roost and has come a long way since then. My only gripe (or suggestion) with them was offers and contests which is now their feature !

Infibeam : Still no mercy. Catalog has improved but not the company.

NBCIndia : Well, who are they ?

Apart from above, etailers like Homeshop18 & Snapdeal (not a book seller anymore) have also made their presence felt but leaving a lot to desire. Amazon India now is Flipkart’s greatest concern (and vice versa !). And niche online shops like Myntra (now with Flipkart) & Jabong have both earned a nice reputation with their services and wide array of offerings. And remaining have miles to go !



  1. Rupesh Raj Sep 28, 2011 at 6:37 pm

    With respect to one of the complaint here at http://www.indiaconsumerforum.org/?p=14287

    ” I had placed an order for 19 books with nbcindia.com on 27th April 2011. I had used a discount voucher I had purchased on sosasta.com while making the purchase on their site. They shipped 7 of the books by 20th June 2011 but since then they have not shipped any more books. I have tried contacting them multiple times but they have not replied to any of my emails. The calls are either ignored or the line is busy. I have paid the Rs. 8197 but they have only shipped the books worth Rs 1897.”

    I still need more convincing answer

    1. Amit Sep 29, 2011 at 10:59 am

      Why don’t you mention it at their Facebook Page with the Order ID ? Chances are, you’ll be heard instantly. And since your amount is far greater than normal (though every single penny counts), you should not think twice shooting them a legal notice with appropriate documents at your disposal.

    2. ratul Sep 29, 2011 at 2:04 pm

      it does sound so weird though… 8197 and 1897, only the digits shuffled

      take it up on FB like Aamit suggested, these companies respond quickly there

  2. T.J. Natarajan Sep 29, 2011 at 2:04 pm

    I bought a few articles from Flipcart and I am highly satisfied with their services.

  3. Rupesh Ranjan Oct 18, 2011 at 9:13 am

    I too agree with the fact that online stores are plagued with – items going out of stock once you make a purchase order. You never know the item which reads Available or In Stock is really with them or not. Infibeam bugged me down with this on my recent purchase of a mobile phone. Also, there refund mechanism gets you to wait for your own money. I dont know why they pick the item if it is really not with them, or they should at least bother to keep the database updated.
    My order details in support of my claim :

    Order Number : 8321002
    Date of purchase : 14th of Oct 2011
    Item Detail : Samsung Champ S3770 (Black)

    What makes me wonder that I even confirmed with them prior to order … you call it a service …HUH

  4. Ratnakar Lal Oct 24, 2011 at 7:05 am


    I have good experience dealing with nbcindia.com. I do not know why Amit could not Trace COD services with nbcindia.com but I think they are the old one who started COD services in India and that too in Year 1995. You all will be surprised to know that it is The Oldest online book store in India Since Year 2000

    For Rupesh Raj you can write to their Facebook page your concern will be solved promptly.

    1. Amit Oct 24, 2011 at 9:21 am

      I apologize for the inadvertent error that crept in and thanks for bringing it to my notice. Though the “goof up” has been fixed, I’m not all happy with the COD facility offered by it which doesn’t take major cities in the concern (the competition sends it with no fuss). I also appreciate NBCIndia for taking the pride of pioneer in COD, but I also remember Pustak Mahal and the likes back then in 90s sending it through VPP which is yet another form of COD.

      I also agree to the fact that they are one of the oldest in the scene, but this also provided them ample opportunity to evolve by the time and be there over the top. I still fail to understand that what prevented NBCIndia do the same and new entrants like Flipkart & Infibeam stole the show.

      Being a concerned customer (NBCIndia still haven’t lost me), I also dropped them few suggestions which haven’t materialized till date. The wishlist feature is also badly implemented, and trust me, they are one of the greatest buyer magnet with good sustainable index. And so many things left to my desire as a frequent shopper of books online. I’m looking forward to NBCIndia to take my plight into their humble concern and prove me wrong yet again … !

  5. Deepanjana Oct 27, 2011 at 12:17 pm

    Also there’s uread.com. I’m a regular there and i find their collection of books, shopping experience and services far superior to infibeam. I’m not sure, but I heard some publishers stating that they’re India’s second best online bookstore after flipkart.

    1. Amit Oct 27, 2011 at 1:15 pm

      Even I was mulling to have a review over Uread.com !!!

      But it would be unfair to write about them just on the basis of single purchase. Though, I was little upset of uRead because of item going ‘out-of-stock’ just after the purchase order (my worst nightmare with any of the stores). But they refunded the amount paid without any further fuss. And to check back again (for the purpose of review), I of late have placed some more orders with them and would like to see how does they perform by this time.

      And since I don’t want to change the blog-title here, I’d maybe write a separate review for the same linking the articles …

  6. Sam Jan 2, 2012 at 8:21 am

    NBCIndia.com launches his new website in beta version. you can navigate through his homepage. also website take feedback from his feedback link. looks great. hope to enhance his online features and services in near future.

  7. Deepak Agrawal Jul 31, 2012 at 5:35 pm

    It is 2012 and today what i felt is that infibeam is better than flipkart. Firstly, infibeam is more versatile than flipkart. You can find more products in infibeam than in flipkart,may be because of the international shipping. Secondly, the infibeam price is also less than flipkart. Regarding delivery, it is the same time as flipkart. It has also a cash on delivery facility like flipkart.

    I recently bought a plantronics headset m25 via infibeam for Rs. 2079 with cash on delivery, while flipkart shows Rs.2499. Flipkart shows delivery in 7-8 days. Infibeam showed delivery in 8 days.
    An anti radiation chip was found in infibeam and not in flipkart. Regarding site navigation, infibeam has more filters than flipkart.

    On the whole, infibeam has overcome its mistakes and is the best indian online store for me

    1. Krishanu Kalita Apr 6, 2013 at 5:56 am

      But infibeam (till date)now had the worse customer support

  8. Asutosh Desai May 14, 2013 at 5:35 am

    worst company have not received wireless headphone after 14 days of order and after that received it faulty. their courier guys picked it up and now company is blaming that you have sent us broken headphones. biggest cheaters on web. worst worst worst i have even filed complaint against them in consumer forum.

    1. Aamit Wraj May 14, 2013 at 7:39 am

      Which one ? I mean which website out of the three above ?

  9. rs Jul 21, 2013 at 4:30 pm

    infibeam… m*********d

  10. rkk Aug 27, 2013 at 7:58 am

    The problem with Flipkart is that all products are not delivered at all locations. I have ordered quite a few things in the past but then recently when i tried to get a Byond phone delivered to my address they said that this particular product cannot be delivered as they do not have “warehouses” in the specified location. Incidentally, there was delivery at quite a few other pin codes also that i tried

    1. Aamit Wraj Aug 27, 2013 at 8:44 am

      Well, of late I too have been hearing few concerns about Flipkart with mixed bag of reactions. Most of my purchases are limited to books and CDs only as Im wee bit skeptikal about other items like electronics and clothing which have higher probability of erratic delivery and replacements thereafter. Till date, I’ve met only few glitches with Flipkart’s service when it comes to items of my preference (have bought 300+ books from them and I swear by it). As for the electronics, it is more of a logistics affair which limits their availability everywhere and the turbulent market with aggressive pricing. And I stay away with it (even though it promises better service). eBay has an edge over such items because of their PaisaPay policy which keeps a check over the frauds.

  11. subhra Sep 27, 2013 at 8:58 pm

    Am almost a regular online purchaser… anything to buy, first choice is online everytime for me. started my online purchasing by flipkart and then infibeam. purchased more than 20 items from flipkart, infibeam, tradus. more than 5 from snapdeal, myntra, 1 items form shopclues, indiatimes shopping, uread, ebay etc. But according to me one of the best customer support is providing by myntra. basically myntra is for apparel with detailed descriptions and size charts. and they shipped the item within 24 hrs and sent a extra bag and a returning form with the order, so if it had to sent back to them because of misfit or any choice problem. also they returned the amount of the courier which you paid to send the item back to them. i have experienced this problem in myntra as well as in flipkart. but its a fact that in this matter myntra is way better than flipkart, obviously in respect of time taken by them. Flipkart.. no comments for them xcellent service overall. Snapdeal not like myntra but very good service as like as flipkart i got from their part, never contacted their cc. and now infibeam, first of all i purchased a mobile,,, am little bit tensed as they were taking a lot of time to shipped the product and i had no experience about them,, mailed them,, and one sudden morning a guy called me from infibeam to tell me that the colour i ordered was not in their stock… so i told them just send me any colour u got. after these days of so many purchasing from so many sites i found that its the nature of infibeam to take time almost a week or sometimes more ship the product,, but the products were genuine and well packed. several times i got less price in infibeam and in snapdeal than flipkart. books from kitab mahal a seller of infibeam provides a high discount. so actually what i did… i go through all the reputed sites and wherever i got least price i purchased from there. But remember mostly i preferred flipkart, infibeam, snapdeal, and myntra. Tradus is good but now a days they shipped a very limited items to my town, thats why i am reduced the purchase. Never bought anything from yebhi, jabong, thats why no comments for them. I have many things to say but my english is not up to the standard and the sacio temporal situation is also limited thats why be very rational, thats all. thank you.

    1. subhra Sep 29, 2013 at 5:13 am

      on 27th of sept i ordered two backpacks from infibeam and they shipped the items yesterday i.e. on 28th. and once i bought a 16gb transcend pendrive which i got by 456 rs only!!! if there is any option to upload a pic then i can show my order list from infibeam… all the products had been shipped but taking a huge time of 10 to 15 days, except one which i cancelled after givivg the order because i got the product elsewhere with less price. It seems infibeam is lucky for me.. 😀

      1. Aamit Wraj Oct 2, 2013 at 6:58 am

        Thanks Subhra for writing in and doing more value addition to the post ! Yes, I can testify each and every word of yours as I also dealt with other online shops mentioned above. And since I limit my purchase to Books and CDs only (occasional purchase of apparels & others), Im still with Flipkart when it comes to books. I also admit that of late there have been few glitches in the service of their eKart logistics (though issues got resolved after I got vociferous on their FB page). And since COD is a hell safe term these days, I don’t mind going to Infibeam, Snapdeal, Bookadda & Amazon when I see the better deal. I also resort to Rhythmhouse & Induna for audio-video purchases (good repo among the loyal buyers). Hence, no online retailer can be ranked best or worst in black & white, it also depends on the items you ordered and your location too – methinks !

  12. Akash Patel Nov 12, 2013 at 2:55 pm

    My Order ID is 12000643. I booked the item at 1st November, when I place the order it shows that it will delivered with in 3 to 4 working days. When I didn’t get the item at 7th November I called to customer care. Then they told me that at evening I will get the item. From 7th November to 12th November I called every day 2 time and they told me to wait. At 12th November they provide me the tracking code of blue dart which is wrong. When I called to customer care they didn’t give me correct tracking code. I have never seen this much of bad and uncooperative staff. Always giving the excuse for delay.
    I will suggest to every one to never buy anything from this site.

    1. Aamit Wraj Nov 12, 2013 at 4:43 pm

      Which Store by the way ? I was once taken away from a ride from Infibeam once by getting wrong tracking number for the item which they never dispatched.

  13. GandhiTOday May 22, 2014 at 2:14 pm

    If you buy on infibeam.com you are sure to loose your money, I have placed Order No: 13003822 for whirpool washing machine worth 16321/- on 1- May-2014, only update I saw on 2-May “Order Approved shipping in progress”. Since then there is no update, after several calls to customer service they kept me giving false assurances, and blaming there other departments for product procurement.

    They said that “we order products from different vendors after we receive orders on our website, and we are still awaiting reply from vendors for your washing machine, so its there fault not ours”.SHOCKING right!

    How can infibeam take orders if they do not have product that they are claiming to sell?

    I brought from infibeam.com and I paid on there website, so how come its not infibeam’s fault.?

    What vendors and how do I know which vendor they are talking of?

    When I asked for refund of my money, I got the reply that refund will take 35-40 days and we will not be able to help to get full refunds, as we just send money back to bank and if you do not get money you need to follow up with bank its not our responsibility. SHOCKING again right!

    So they asked me ” as you have waited so long, to wait few more days and see if they can get the product from vendors and ship it? WOW are they doing some charity or am I seeing a nightmare?

    I am frequent ecommerce customer and I have purchased on several sites but never seen such kind or irresponsible answers and attitude.

    Its a pure scam, and so today I have lodged and FIR under IPC 419, 420 against Founder of infibeam.com Mr. Vishal Mehta and awaiting the actions against him.

    So guys if you too face such issue just lodge a complain with police, do not waste your time with there customer service people.

  14. GandhiTOday May 22, 2014 at 2:18 pm

    **WARNING** MANY fraud cases on infibeam

  15. pravinkumar shetty Jul 18, 2014 at 3:12 am

    Pls take my word& try not to buy through this cheap company. Because they are not serious in their business& don’t care about customers& their emotional values.
    They took order without a stock and try to sell alternatives.
    I ordered black phone, now they are saying they don’t have stock.
    And trying to push unwanted one, which may be cheaper to them.
    Why the hell u booked it when u don’t hv the stock?
    Don’t you have control on your own inventory?
    Why are u playing with peoples emotions?
    Why do you need 15-20 days of delivery time?, when your competitor does it in a DAY’S TIME.
    I’m experiencing this for the second time.
    They don’t care for customer’s emotional value, working like a typical government organization.
    “Mr.Vishal Mehta, pls work on this for ur own benefit n stop doing CHEAP GIMMICKS, people are not fool or else days are not far to SHUTDOWN”
    I say again if can’t run this show with passion, pls shutdown. This is the best guidance for you.
    Learn from Others Mr.Mehta.
    Thanks& you deserve this.
    -Your worst experienced Customer

  16. Mallikarjuna Oct 16, 2014 at 5:32 am


    They couldn’t deliver a Rakhi Pack of ten which is of value Rs 100.. what will they do for other valued items I don’t know.

    Now they are selling Iphone 6… God know what happens to buyers who buys

    First of all Rakhi delivery was delayed by 10 days and on 10th day courier confirms that it has delivered it but I don’t know to who.

    I went behind courier and they are also worst people who doesn’t respond.

    I went to Infibeam that the product is not delivered.





    ORDER ID: 13419004

  17. Guest Oct 28, 2014 at 11:26 am

    My one of the friend ordered this product on Oct 13th and order id is 13727161, still they are not delivered and we are not getting any proper response from customer care.. Be aware of Infibeam. We recorded all the calls and if they are not delivered, then we plan to compliant to Police station. Better choose Flipkart or Amazon…

  18. Ranjit Sachin Oct 28, 2014 at 11:27 am

    My one of the friend ordered some product on Oct 13th and order id is 13727161, still they are not delivered and we are not getting any proper response from customer care.. Be aware of Infibeam. We recorded all the calls and if they are not delivered, then we plan to compliant to Police station. Better choose Flipkart or Amazon…

  19. skinstir Nov 20, 2014 at 7:45 am

    I agree with the infibeam review here. Their service sucks – I had placed an order for a book on 15 October – to be delivered by 31 October. Did not receive any response from the till 11 November (and this is also when I chased them for my order). They called me to say that the product is damaged (ONLY a single page is torn is what they say). I asked them to cancel the order and initiate the refund. The order was cancelled only on 18 November and when I called them on 20 November they mention that they are still processing and it will take 7 – 10 working days to refund my money. So overall, they take the customers money, do not deliver any product and then refund the money at the end of 45 days. Plus the customer service person Makduma says, that I did not cancel the order on 11 November but had asked them to check for replacement which is why they took so long to cancel the order. When I asked them to make me hear the recording of my conversation on 11 Nov she immediately withdrew saying we cannot do that. Pathethic service.

  20. Grijesh Jul 27, 2015 at 9:00 am

    I ordered a pair of sandal at infieam paid for it via my debit card (around 2300/- ) I neither got sandals, nor they are not refunding my money. After 9 days when I tell me to there support team same they says that “we have not capture amount” !!! Jabong, Fllkcart, Amazon all deliver item with in 7 days and infibeam says they have not got the money.. That is quite False – When I read the order status at thier site — it is clearly mentioned that I paid by debit card and my card was visa. Actually, they have got moneyanddon’t want return I search on net it has been happen with many people who order product on infebeam.

    I went to bank they and also qureid online bank support team they says the money was successfully transferred to Infibeam account.

    I have around 9-10 conversations with support team – their attitude they keep phone on hold and don’t reply back.

    DO NOT ORDER ON infibeam.com – They are fraud, they are cheater Please don’t use infebeam and don;t order other you will loss your money..

    1. Aamit Wraj Jul 27, 2015 at 9:06 am

      The safest way to place any order with them is COD (if available with your locality). Infibeam’s notoriety with such cases has always been on rise, hence, I rarely place any order with them.

  21. Amit Aug 29, 2015 at 1:28 pm

    Infibeam is run by thieves and no business ethics. Once they receive payment they will do what they want to do. Never use the website to order anything.

  22. ajay Jun 30, 2016 at 9:12 pm

    Infi beam -I don’t understand they this customer service phone no. Where I call and my balance reduces a lot.dont know why they don’t have toll free number for the clients who have bought products instead of advertising this pay phone land line number where they must be getting a cut as they know after providing bad service they are going to get the calls

  23. Roghit K Nov 11, 2016 at 1:11 pm

    I had searching for Infibeam customer care . I found ur website !
    good job

  24. HNTRIPATHI Jan 13, 2018 at 2:46 pm

    One of book price 799+ delivery charges on Flipkart, amazon, shop clues but on infibeam it is only 595 with shipping free. Why? Is it pirated copy or something else?


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