7 Features That Will Make Kindle The Best EReader

So what is the best Ereader available in market?

Or what does it takes to be the best in ebook reader category? Does Kindle beats the competition hands down? Or what are the features, if incorporated, may catapult it to top?

Unfortunately, there are no perfect EReaders available in the market as of now! And Amazon Kindle itself too is little far from being best in breed.

kindle eareader missing feature
Kindle EReader – Whats Missing ?

Since many of book readers like us are gradually shifting to electronic readers, looking out for an option of best Ereader is an obvious trend. And Kindle, that is being pushed by Amazon has carved its own niche followed by other good ones like Nook, Kobo, Sony EReaders etc. The bibliophile’s gadget is getting better with each generation, but to me, it is still plagued with few shortcomings. And if those limitations are addressed with following 7 features (make your own iterations !), I’ll recommend Kindles without any comparison!

1. Bigger Ereaders


bigger kindle ereader
Bigger is Sometimes Better

Little enlargement please!

The size of various models of EReaders like Kindle to Kobo has been kept optimal to keep size vs. weight ratio in check. But personally speaking, this makes me feel like as if I’m studying a book of mini format. Leafing through the pages frequently (because of less text accommodated on smaller screen) sometimes takes away the immersive experience you were about to develop while reading some gripping paragraph. If not remembering some pages or forgot to bookmark anything, the reader may find it hard to fumble or locate some information or line that he might be interested to find (because page number increases).

Slightly bigger Kindles which inches closer to ~ 5×8 footprint will multiply the joy of reading. 7 inch Ereader should be the industrial standard I believe.

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2. Free Kindle Ebook with Printed Edition


free kindle ebooks
Free Ebook Bundled With Printed Edition

Amazon keeps its music buyer happy with a feature like AutoRip. Why can’t the same be done with books as in CDs?

If I’ve understood the sales model well, music sellers have no problem giving away ripped version of it as it goes to the same user with apparently no loss to the company. It will be interesting to see this pro-reader practice being brought into the mainstream – be it as a free offer or with little extra charges.

If not asking it for free, I’m happy buying books at 20$ then I won’t mind shelling out few cents for an electronic version given that I get both at almost the same price but the advantage is manifold. I can then keep printed edition for reading at home and Ebooks that came free with will be my travel companion.

To me, it doesn’t makes sense to buy both the version separately for the same content. The feature though fall in the premises of Kindle Store than Kindle reader itself and the move will solidify the whole Kindle ecosystem.

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3. Universal Formats


Universal Ebook Formats
Universal Ebook Formats With Wider Acceptability

You can’t hit Amazon’s store even if you are getting a better deal than Barnes & Nobles. Here is the reason …

Ebooks bought at Kindle will not honor Kobo.

Ebooks bought from Kobo will refuse to oblige Nook.

And whatever bought at Nook will not shake hands with Kindle.

Now what?


This is one of the greatest dilemmas while buying any eBook. If bought a device from any of the above sellers, you’re technically compelled to buy the reading material from them only. I know there are certain hacks and workaround.

But I’m a reader NOT a computer whiz.

Kill that proprietorship and DRM please (iTunes did that too when it comes to audio & piracy) or better make them readable on all. I call for a common consortium of formats accepted by all.

4. Support for Various Languages, Fonts & Unicodes


ereader font support
Give Me Some More In The Fontlist

Garbled texts or something that gets rendered with fonts which need to be demystified first prior to reading is no joy. And this is exactly what happens while opening an ebook in your native language that may be other than English. It will either come incorrect or few characters will not come up as desired.

Not only to readers, this also hurts publishers while designing an Ebook with fancy fonts other than defaults.

Support for more fonts and global languages in the Kindle devices please!

Update: Kindle now supports more regional & Indian languages.

5. Sharing or Donating Made Easy


sharing ebooks
Sharing is Caring

If talking about lending ebooks on ereaders, there is a very thin line between a feature and a limitation. That 15 days deadline feature may sound like claiming back your loaned piece with nifty automation, but I call it an irritant.

For the stuff I paid for, I should be given full liberty that where and how long I will be giving it away. Also, I should be able to make a complete transfer of ownership whenever I wish.

6. Waterproof EReaders


waterproof gadgets
Spill But Do Not Kill

Ereaders for a bibliophile like me is more personal than mobile phones.

I love to read my favorite piece with a coffee mug in hand and I never know when any unruly kid or pet at home is going to hit me from behind.

Spill and spoil … ehhh … Never want this.

Not even asking to get it performing few meters deep into the water. But slight waterproofing is always a peace of mind for a device like this which is as vulnerable as other electronic counterparts. This can make the best ereader even better !

7. EReaders with External Memory Support


external memory support in ereaders
Expandability Is The Key

I don’t fancy clouds, nor do I fall for marketing gimmicks like ‘2000 books in your single device’.

Memories for any device have never been enough. And those claiming it are again making a blooper statement that Bill Gates did in 80s.

640K ought to be enough for anybody

Remember that? Now replace 640K with whatever vendor pushes today and let the historical quote repeat itself.

I as a book collector will love to have an extensive catalog at my disposal and I wouldn’t want the makers of EReader to define what ‘enough’ for me is. So, memory expansion slot in my Kindle please.

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Am I Missing Anything on Feature cum Wishlist for Best EReader?

Feature requests or seeking additional facilities in any gadget is very subjective. And what’s true to me may not be with you – and vice versa!

Do let me what else you expect from Kindle’s future generations or which as per you is the best Ebook Reader in the market.

You may want to check:

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  1. Dinesh Verma Jan 7, 2016 at 6:45 pm

    I am a proud owner of Kindle and I must say that if you are a sucker for books like I am then you should definitely buy one.

    1. Kumar Amit Jan 13, 2016 at 6:34 am

      Same here Dinesh. We qualify to be a Hybrid Reader who would neither let the print edition go nor will disprove Kindle’s presence. And if above points are met, I’ll be merrier than all.

  2. Giovanni R Jul 29, 2016 at 4:08 pm

    I have been using a Kindle for more than 3 years now, and I really love it. It is very light, very comfortable, and for me, who was used to paper books, the idea of carrying a whole library with me when I go some where is priceless.
    Besides Amazon reallyhas an enormous amount of books in e-format.
    Of course you have some downfalls, the main one being the DRM, we must really hope one day things are going to change.
    Regarding compatibility, you can always use the software Calibre to convert from one format to another; provided of course you are not stoppedby the DRM.


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