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Want to play music wirelessly – even on the old speaker systems? Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter may make the things possible for you.

But before that …

Here are my two cents that why I never liked the idea of speakers with inbuilt bluetooth receivers.

Wireless or Bluetooth Speakers are rage these days. No doubt they add great ergonomics and new dimension to digital music listening, but pricier are the deals sometimes. And rather than buying a complete new audio system, you can also make your good old speakers work to the new (if not better) playing standard – the bluetooth!

logitech bluetooth audio adapter
The Mini Monster Can Make Any Good Old Speakers Go Wireless

Bluetooth Speakers – The Pros & Cons

I personally never liked the concept of Bluetooth speakers for couple of reasons :

1. Mediocrity : Yes, being a compressed medium for playback, I rarely appreciate the rendered quality. You first compress your CDs to mp3 (or the likes), then it is compressed further for the purpose of streaming (lets not talk of aptX at the moment) that leaves little to the astonishment of purists like me. Let alone uncompressed formats like Flac to the service as I rarely see mobiles & tablets storing the one.

2. Why Shell Out Extra : Its just a matter of compatible receivers. You are not supposed to buy a speaker for it has golden wires. You maybe looking for an added feature, but what if the speaker quality itself is a disappointment ? Secondly, there are dearth of Bluetooth speakers in desktop segment, and I won’t settle with mini solutions as I’ve ample space to spare. Better do it with an accessory or extension maintaining the quality of mainstream speakers.

3. Small Footprint is Not As Important Than Sound : The overwhelming availability of bluetooth speakers still leaves a lot to be desired & marketeers pushing compact sound never caught my fancy either. Mega-sound-in-mini-package is an over rated device (personally speaking).

etc … etc … !

Yes, I am apprehensive for anything that includes Bluetooth for the playback – be it bluetooth dongle for wireless speakers or anything that helps connect bluetooth to speakers. But at the same time, I appreciate it as an ergonomic device for instant playback while you can control the every aspect of it from any corner of you home. So, for the family of mine who wouldn’t care of audiophile’s ear of mine, this is a great device to spend your penny.

So despite of my ‘juridiction’ reserved with them, I got myself the one from the stable of Logitech. Below is the review of what this wireless speaker adapter has to offer.

Here hails bluetooth audio adapter from Logitech …

Packaging & Content

bluetooth audio adapter package content
Package Contents

It all came up with a mini box which housed base unit, a pin type power adapter and 3.5 mm to RCA cable accompanied with a setup chart (won’t call it a user manual!).

The plastic body of the Bluetooth unit is sturdy built. Not a visual delight but sleek product with blue status light at the bottom. The pairing button above has a good tactile feel.

Overall, it is all minimal and straightforward.

Connections & Setup

logitech bluetooth audio adapter
Connection Panel With Various Options

For the devices like this, this is almost a no-brainer. Living up to the expectation of any plug and play device, getting this mini piece work was a minute affair. All you have to do is to connect it to the power source (provided) and hook it to your existing speakers with Aux or RCA output (optional cable provided). After powering them up, the blue led will invite you for pairing up with constant blinks. Once paired, it will constantly glow to say that its up for its business !

One must mention feature is multi-point bluetooth connection which lets you to pair this wireless adapter with two simultaneous playing sources. You can always toggle between them by pressing the big button which sits atop. Both convenient and easy !

That’s it !


I used Samsung TAB 2 with PlayerPro app for the initial test. For a reason unknown to me, the device didn’t honor old generic handsets (I tried two but both were denied even if the ‘Logitech Bluetooth Adapter’ was showing in the device scan). After pairing them again with a secondary handset, I drew a personal conclusion that it only works with newer handsets or smartphones. It took no time to pair up with my tablet or smartphone and play my tunes.

Well, it kept on giving me pleasant surprises !

I first fired up an mp3 track, the sound of which was instantly reproduced on the connected speakers. I then couldn’t resist myslef playing the FLAC files, the playback and latency of which was as flawless as mp3 samples. Being sure of my reflexes, I noticed no delay or lag at all – be a track change, skip, pause, stop, volume change etc ! Full marks here!

Now the playback range.

I’m not sure how few guys in some reviews seemed dissapointed for its line of sight limitation. I live in a duplex and tried playing the files from every corner and floor of my home. Without ridiculing my neighbors, I even went outside the main-gate while controlling the music via this wireless home speaker adapter which was sitting at the first floor. It was a second surprise for me to say the least. Purpose of the device met!

Audio Quality

Given that I was playing it with a compromised medium, I was already prepared for it.

It wasn’t jaw dropping – but wasn’t disappointing either !

The sound output seemed little sonorous and metallic. Highs were sharp, mids and lows were decent but not struggling to make its space. But it is the medium that is to be talked of rather than device itself. If compared with the PC playback (with my 3.5 mm jack output), it met 90% of the overall quality. But for the casual listeners, I’m afraid if they will ever find any difference.

Nit Picking

For the price it came for, I know I’ll be over demanding. But rather than normal pin type power adapter, a micro USB type adapter with detachable cable would have been an added advantage. To get your speakers rolling, you have to go for a separate mains port for this device too. Given that most of the speakers these days comes with USB playback, this device drawing the power from same port could have saved some clutter and an extra power feed.

Secondly, inclusion of aptX feature may have leveraged its sound quality a bit. But this indeed gives you a bang for the buck with available resources. And aptX itself is an improvement, not the solution. It is simply WiFi protocol with bit-by-bit streaming of data with no compression or on the fly transcoding involved that will redefine wireless music. Google Chromecast Audio for example has an edge over this.

But this device works for what it says in specs.

Overall Verdict

Yes, I’m definitely going to keep it with me. It won’t match the features of Google Chromecast Audio, but comes for almost one-third the price. It sounds decent, works flawlessly and does its job as claimed.

I consider Bluetooth adapters as a convenience device than the performance horse, so if are comfortable with Bluetooth audio and the obvious trade-off– then go for it!

The Ratings

Sound quality may be questioned, but is not deterrent. Tries to pack everything in a tiny device – so thumbs up for ease of use & features. This is certainly the best bluetooth audio adapter with great value for money.

Sound Quality ★ ★ ★  ½
Ergonomics ★ ★ ★ ★
Features ★ ★ ★ ★
Value For Money ★ ★ ★ ★ ½


Give a fresh lease of life to your old or dated speakers!


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