Neelesh Mishra Ka Yaad Sheher (Book Vol 1 & 2)

Those in metros with an access to 92. 7 Big FM can easily reckon with Neelesh Misra as a story teller with sublimity in his very accent. An award winning radio show, Yaadon Ka Idiot Box being aired during the prime time got many of the listeners  following to its credit. And Neelesh Misra Ka Yaad Sheher is a literary effort to bring down that radio show in print. Yaad Sheher is nothing but a fictitious city around which characters of the story revolves. I was not all happy with what was coming out in Indian Literary Scene (English) of late & I would frequently lament over nothing potent being published in Hindi either (by young writers). Neelesh Misra Ka Yaad Sheher addresses both of my resentment at the same time. The books showcases readworthy urban tales with which many of us would relate to. Stories may take you down to the memory lane, you may have Deja-vu at times and maybe nostalgia will bump up every now and then as you read them through. The language is very practical and stories imbibe almost every mundane feelings & happenings around common Indian class. The book packs the aspirations of young unmarried souls, married couples meeting some compromises for good, struggling professional hogtied in memoirs, lone souls longing for love, romantic encounters, domestic drudgery, family fiasco and everything that a guy in metro would ever come across (though majority of stories came to a happy ending !). And coming of an age treatment in many stories will convince mature readers to not to tag it as yet-another-cheap-lit. But for the very nature of this book, I wonder if it will ever make it to critically acclaimed piece (popularity is a different virtue), but overall content spells quality.

A collection of contemporary short stories by various writers, Neelesh Misra Ka Yaad Sheher (Vol. 1 & 2) will barely disappoint anybody. And after listening to the show, one would definitely find it a complimentary read and very light while flipping across the stories !

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