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Dar Dar Gange by Abhay Mishra & Pankaj Ramendu

I was almost on the verge of conclusion that majority of 'good' Hindi books that are being published today are either classic's reprint or translated texts. Thankfully, Dar Dar Gange sabotaged my belief ! The title & deciphered meaning itself was potent enough to get me reading ...
F&D F680

F&D F680 2.1 Multimedia Speaker – Is It Any Good ?

My love for Fendas begun with its model F&D A510 when I was really awed with its surprise performance. My next quest of upgrade includes F&D F680 from the stable of same manufacturer ...
Hungama, Flyte & iTunes

Hungama, Flyte or iTunes – Which Online Music Store Will Take A Lead ?

Online music sale in India is fast catching up with biggies like Flipkart (Flyte) & iTunes on the roll with several other services like Hungama which existed from quite sometime. Each having its own strength and feature, the review focuses over the same ...

F&D Laptop Speakers (V560, V620 & E200) – Are They Any Good ?

For those who find built-in laptop sounds too mediocre or metallic to hear and looking for a portable speaker with good mobility, Fenda (F&D) has a product line addressing the same. And if you are on a netbook, then this becomes an absolute necessity ...
traffic snarl

Indian Traffic & Caste System – What’s Common In Them ?

Indian seems to be so smitten by the caste system that it has become an omnipresent evil - even on the roads. The four basic types of daily commuters ...

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