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Steve Jobs – Books & Biographies

Ironically, I happened to order myself a copy 'iCon' prior to one month of his demise. Secondly, 'Steve Jobs' (A biography with the same name) was a fateful or eventful release which revolved around his death. And 'The Steve Jobs Way' was a complimentary copy obtained just for the sake of quick read apart from other fragmented pieces that I collected over the time ...

F&D (Fenda) A520 Speaker System – Is It Any Good ?

With F&D A510's review garnering good response, I encouraged myself to write yet another article on its close cousin F&D A520 which I discovered soon after having bought myself the former model ...

Shopaholic – Releasing Google Chrome Extension for Quick Search

Shopaholic – Search & Shop, an extension that sits atop the Google Chrome Browser and directly searches for the desired item queried by user with no need to open their homepages first. What else, we have tried cramming in every prominent Web Stores available to us – both Indian & International ...

Shrilal ‘Satirist’ Shukla – A Bibliographical Tribute

Shrilal Shukla, an illustrious writer and satirist who was also known for his linguistic inventiveness has passed away recently. As a tribute to him, I'm jotting down few of his literary milestones for introductory and worthy reads. My heartfelt homage to him ...

Movies Based on Partition of India & Pakistan

Indian movies whose stories are based on the Partition of India and Pakistan in the year 1947 after its independence. Both got separated with a black chapter in history, the portrayal of which have been done in many films.

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