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Underrated & Uderrecognized Playback Singers of Yesteryear – Part 2

I've now segregated those singers into Underrecognized category whose names just faded over the time and now exist in bollywood archives only. Though their songs are still popular with mature & serious listeners, but the name behind it still sulks for the due recognition and credit ...
playback singers featured

Underrated & Uderrecognized Playback Singers of Yesteryear – Part 1

This by no means is a comparative post for the singers of bygone era, but my personal opinion and tribute to the crooning individuals who didn't get credit they deserved and some didn't even made it to limelight...

F & D (Fenda) A510 Speaker System – is it any good ?

Review of one of the best computer speakers in budget category. F&D A510 remains top selling models in 2.1 speakers segment & best sounding PC speakers. A bang for the buck !

Flipkart vs Infibeam vs NBCIndia – Which is the Best ?

To help myself to find the best store(s) out there, I started it all with NBCIndia. Then Infibeam - touted as the next Amazon of India, I was curious enough to validate the claim and placed the due orders. Since I was also seeing a lot of search results from Flipkart too, I also gave it a try to check what they are upto. And finally I compiled my review ...

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