Books vs Ebooks – 15 Reasons Why Printed Books Are Here To Stay

Printed Books vs Ebooks is a never-ending debate of the decade with both having its share of advantages & disadvantages. With the growing popularity of Ereaders and nearly one third of market share of eBooks (Amazon’s statistics), speculations are also being made for Printed Books may soon become a matter of past. Though, it will be too early to declare the fate of Printed or Physical books, for me, it is here to stay for several good reasons.

Since I hail from an orthodox community of readers, I personally consider e-reading as an extension of my reading habit than the replacement of what that existed from centuries. In the first installment here, I’ll be sharing 15 popular notions that goes with the advantage of having & reading physical books over its electronic counterpart …

printed books vs ebooks
Books vs EBooks – Why Printed Book Scores Over Ebooks ?

Printed Books Over Ebooks – A Classic Practice Which Will Continue to Stay

Reason 1 (Makes Your Home A Home) :

printed books advantage over ebooks 1
What It Feels Like To Have A Personal Library

This subtly adds aesthetic value to your home decor, prominently boasts of your classic lifestyle, jaw-dropping welcome to your guests (if you have a noteworthy collection), a beautiful property that you built title over title which always calls for an emotional gaze – a glorious possession nonetheless. Personal library no doubt is a mark of your lavish literary pursuits. And contrary to the rejoice above, I am yet to come across a single person who takes megabytes of addition in his digital realm as feather on cap. And did I forget to say that Bookshelves also boosts up your room acoustics if having a good audio setup at home !

Reason 2 (Magic Aroma-aaaaa …) :

printed books advantage over ebooks 2
Ever Sniffed Those Newly Bought Piece ? Or Even The Old One !

You don’t necessarily need to be a bibliophile to realize this. I fondly reminisce my schooldays when parents would buy me a new set of books with every new session.The first ritual was to be done was to randomly open the pages and take a deep sniff while burying my face into it. I can still recall its divine aroma and walk down the memory lane. New or old, they tend to give you an aromatherapy of its own kind. I purchased an ebook but Ereader smells neutral !

Reason 3 (Stick & Paste):

printed books advantage over ebooks 3
Resurrecting Them Back To Life With TLC

I remember a day when I accidentally deleted few of my files and the frantic recovery session that followed which was no fun. And god forbid if something gets corrupted (not everything can be on clouds), you’ll regret the rarity tag it bore. Books too can get mutilated but the TLC that follows while mending it makes you feel like a parent with toddler in lap.

Reason 4 (No Technological Obsoletion) :

printed books advantage over ebooks 4
I Wonder If Printed Book Ever Becomes Obsolete In Terms of Accebility

Gutenberg didn’t have to worry if the people after 5-6 centuries will be able to read his endeavor or not. But I am quite skeptical of the readability (let alone compatibility) of today’s file formats even after few decades. My kindle notoriously refuses to honor certain file formats which existed as default for many years and .AZW or .MOBI indeed are digital mortals. Proprietary formats are yet another setbacks if thinking of switching devices. When talking about printed or physical books, I don’t have to worry about its technological obsoletion.

Reason 5 (Bookmarks & Slip-ins) :

printed books advantage over ebooks 5
Bookmarks Are Milestone of Few Relationships

I lent her my book with ‘I love you’ engraved over that classy bookmark. And she returned & reciprocated after a week with red lipstick kiss on the last page – love story begins ! Well, that was just an instant one-line-fiction but many love stories blossomed with this only. Books are not only the surprise givers but surprise keepers too. I’ve many a time stumbled upon footnotes, sweet-nothings & even currencies which I slipped between them only to discover years later. Wonder how Romeo will confess his love to his Juliet with digital bookmark and I’m afraid to meet no serendipity while flipping through my Kindle.

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Reason 6 (Antique or Resale Value) :

printed books advantage over ebooks 5
Vintage Often Means Huge Return

An antique piece in national vault probably meets the same respect as the guy cruising in Air Force One ! The older it gets, majestic it becomes which often lands in royal libraries or regal auctions and eventually becomes a (personal or public) keepsake. I’ve tons of ebooks since Win98 era, but going to file-properties and seeing its date of creation from the last millennium offers me no kick – any bidders or takers ? And I bet that the maiden copies of Pride & Prejudice can make anyone a millionaire overnight. And for the guys like me with limited luck can also still reap some profit from his decade old collection with good resale value. Used or unused, it gets better with time.

Reason 7 (Gifts) :

printed books advantage over ebooks 7
Giving Out An Ebook Can Be The Worse Gifting Idea

Books indeed are a great gift material with glitzy wrap-ups & surprises inside. Gifting eBooks maybe a trend that is yet to catch or will never pack the same warmth as its physical counterpart. Gift her an ebook on your anniversary and say that I didn’t warn you ! No ebooks on my birthday please (and the gift coupon that you want to send me may end up buying anything else) !

Reason 8 (Lend or Borrow, Will Return Tomorrow) :

printed books advantage over ebooks 8
Lend & Borrow – Make Friends of Tomorrow

I love to oblige my folks by lending the titles they seems to be interested in (of course with a caution that it must come back – that too with the same material condition). Borrowing too is a virtue if you can’t afford or find the same title sitting in your friend’s bookshelves. Donating or exchanging is the next best thing after that. I’m not infringing any copyrights either while passing this to my peers. Ebooks, sorry my friend, I don’t know what ‘lending’ exactly means here. Also revisit ‘Reason 5’ if thinking of igniting a romance with this lending-borrowing regime !

Reason 9 (As Simple As That) :

printed books advantage over ebooks 9
Simplicity Is A Virtue … And A No-Brainer Too

Opening a book is a no-brainier than switching on an ereader and figuring out various options to make it work. I have no distracting options & settings followed by call-to-click offenders when reading a book. Simply open and read – that’s it !

Reason 10 (Author Signed Ebooks – Anyone ?) :

printed books advantage over ebooks 10
The Personal Pride It Bestows

I met my favorite author in a book fair and gently pushed my copy to his warm attention. He then obliged me with his autograph at the first page which is now a prized possession. Author Signed copies with e-sellers also sell like a hotcake than introductory discounts as a bait – a greatest offering ever conceived. Can an ebook ever hold that charm ?

Reason 11 (No Time Killer) :

printed books advantage over ebooks 11
Don’t Shout Over Me – I May Be Reading

Thanks to parent’s or neighbors prejudice, whenever caught with a CD, the first thing that comes into the mind is movies, music or games. Similarly, tablets/ereaders/large screen mobiles are often taken as time killing devices which can otherwise be used for reading and knowledge mining. On the other hand, the worse title I could earn while remaining hooked for hours with my books is a BOOKWORM – I wholeheartedly accept this title dear !

Reason 12 (Ready Steady Go) :

printed books advantage over ebooks 12
Suppose You Are At Climax And Battery Beeps !

Agreed that there are new technological marvels that can remain on till weeks with a single charge. But what about the readers like me who after each sentence or para pauses & ponders for a moment while clinging to the book ? I’m up against the race which follows with a battery warning. The printed book otherwise always pampers my mood with unwritten ‘take your time’ note.

Reason 13 (Heaven Library Is A Place On Earth) :

printed books advantage over ebooks 13
A Holy Place I Every Sense

With books, there entered a culture called library. And everything after that is an ecstatic essay. A silence zone, place of nirvana for we bibliophiles, an authority of antiques and what not. Ebooks thus will never embark a tradition which means a holy building that we know as library today.

Reason 14 (Visual Candy) :

printed books advantage over ebooks 14
Flipping That Huge Colorful Book Is An Experience Unmatched

Coffee Table Books or Children Books are better read and done in their tangible avatars. The glossy brilliance of colorful images, inviting pages & covers, exotic charm etc are the facts attributed with books with extra large footprints. Children also likes to play with whatever in hand as an ‘activity’ book, ability of packing DIY stuffs and exploring everything that comes printed with visually appealing ink. I know my kid wont even appreciate a copy of Children’s Encyclopedia sitting in my ereader. Publishing houses like Dorling Kinderslay (DK) are into business just because of this.

Reason 15 (I’m Not Materialistic, But I Am) :

printed books advantage over ebooks 15
I’m So Attached

Most of the ebook vs book debate will start up with this only ! But I’d prefer to put it into the concluding number. Maybe a human limitation or a habituated DNA, I like cuddling printed books with an emotional attachment that my eBooks are going to miss it for sure. Whenever I’m with my books, the sense of completeness it bestows and the absorbing aura it lends is an impeccable experience. Ebooks – I can neither feel it nor can lay my love on an intangible being.

Convinced ? Or Do You Have More Reason To Stick With Printed Books

For or against – put your notions forth in the comment that why you still care for printed or physical books over eBooks … !


  1. Nupur jaiswal Nov 24, 2015 at 12:02 pm

    Just look at the music industry…. after all the cds and mp3s and online versions and everything digital….the latest craze is vinyl resurgence. Holding the music in your hand…seeing the cover…reading the lapel and putting it in your collection…. makes you Own it….Same with printed books. Actually a book implies printed book. Ebook is only a soft copy of the book for the convenience of storage and portability. You may carry your family picture when you are going away but it’s not a replacement of your family. Isn’t it? A book lover would know what i mean.

  2. assouline rizzoli Sep 24, 2016 at 9:18 am

    i love coffee table books, ebook will never replace a giant assouline published book that has trendy and visual glancing photos that look bigger and beautiful in life. an ebook on a coffee table is just like a remote control, but a coffee table book is an interior design accessory which creates a visual balance in any room.


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