Random Curiosity by Prof Yash Pal

I recollect my days when I’d impatiently wait for a copy of Vigyan Pragati & Science Reporter every month. After having one in hand, I inquisitively used to flip directly over readers’ question section where they answered everything settling all the doubts which is obvious for student of any age. Later when I got into higher studies, my meticulously collected magazines were dusted off to raddiwallah once it piled up to my parent’s discomfort that it took too much of space at home. But, my hobby of having books and magazines containing Science Questionnaire remained green. Lately, while looking out for ‘Ever Wonder Why’ types of book (there are plethora of books in this genre), Random Curiosity popped up in the search result at an online book store – serendipity ! And seeing the name of author, I was convinced to the maxim that it is a must buy for me. Prof Yash Pal has been enlightening many like us through his columns, TV shows and public appearances answering many of the questions through his scientific intellect with an emphasis on fundamentals.

Random Curiosity by Prof Yash Pal

In this book Random Curiosity, he with his son Rahul Pal answers 250+ odd questions that gets triggered into an intrigued mind while coming across objects and happenings around them. The major highlight of the book is that it doesn’t resort to any textual answers, instead, many a time it unravels them with thought provoking treatment to the readers. A veteran Physicist, Prof Yash Pal also refrains from using too much of technical terms by keeping it even more simple. Even a layman with no scientific background can get a hold of it unfolding what befuddled them till now. Questions like ‘Why clapping under water does not produce any sound, Why smooth floor is cooler than rough ones, Why does paper becomes translucent when oil is applied to it, Can a tug of war be ever won on frictionless surface’  etc will keep on kindling interests with every page-turn. Few questions over astrology vs astronomy & occult topic also finds a space which flummox many science practitioners even today. And just as its title, one can flip through any of the pages randomly and go reading it – curiously !

Grossly informative & insightful, Random Curiosity by Prof Yash Pal is a scientific excursion in the realms of What, Why & How.

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