Shopaholic – Releasing Google Chrome Extension for Quick Search

[dropcap1 color=”blue”]I[/dropcap1]t all started casually over an evening coffee when I and a developer friend of mine was discussing some nifty tools. Bugged by my own necessity, I put forth a concern if we could have our own browser plugin (Extension) which minimizes the hassle of firing up the homepage of related websites every-time a user wants to search for an item. Since I happen to be an avid shopper with Flipkart & other stores, and refer to it every now and then if something comes to the mind, but opening it too frequently is a great annoyance. So I wished if there existed any tool for direct searches. There are few, but not so impressive. Fortunately, after a brief brainstorming session, the idea clicked in and finally materialized ! We primarily built it for ourselves, but after little more improvisation, we decided to push it to Chrome Web Store and make it available in public domain.

What is it ?

Shopaholic - Search & Shop

Shopaholic – Search & Shop, an extension that sits atop the Google Chrome Browser and directly searches for the desired item queried by user with no need to open their homepages first. What else, we have tried cramming in every prominent Web Stores available to us – both Indian & International.



Listed here are the salient features of the tool that comes packed with the initial version.

What it can ?

Direct Search from Browser Menu
Quick and Zippy Fast Approach
Multiple Online Stores like Flipkart, Infibeam, Amazon, eBay, uRead & NBCIndia – all at One Place
All Categories Listed Offered by the Respective Websites
Saves Last Query in the Searchboxes

What it can’t ?

Won’t fund you for the free trip to distant Planet
Will not be able to take care of your pet
No ability to search for a life-partner or soulmate
Will not entertain bored kids at home
No liking for Internet Explorer – even on the gun point

And since we are constantly evolving, we foresee ourselves with more features down the line !!!



Shopaholic Installation Window

The extension can be directly installed from here or by searching in the Extension section of Chrome Web Store. It can be further managed & configured by clicking over Wrench Menu>Options>Extensions (Path may differ in older version of Chrome). After successful installation, a blue shopaholic icon shall pop up at the top-right corner from where it can be easily accessed.



We have included all major Online Shopping stores (both Megastores & Niche Stores) with all the categories served by them. In the left box, user can select the desired categories or leave it at their default. The adjacent box is for the purpose punching in one’s own query. And rest of the features are self explanatory.

Last but not the least, as this is an initial version of the plugin, we would like to hear from you about the features that we might have missed or how we can make it more useful than its existing counterpart. Secondly, porting effort to Firefox, Opera & Safari (no IE requests please) is also on anvil. All positive criticism and feedbacks will be deeply appreciated.


[info]Coder’s Credit

I furthermore extend my regards to Saurabh, without whom, I doubt if the plugin would have ever fructified. He has been very graceful throughout the project and complimented the design (UI) that I mercilessly threw over him to do. His coding skills came to very handy and let me come up with what I exactly wanted. He may be reached at saurabhsuman25]]at[[[/info]

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