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Rumors On Facebook – Reality Check & Truth Behind (Part 1)

When ludicrous literates goes lazy and crazy, this is what exactly happens. Pranks, Chain-mails, Scams, Rumors & Hoaxes spreads like a wildfire as because of those thoughtless "likes" and "shares". Ascertaining the claim, citations, source and authenticity of those mindless campaigns is a grave sin many who lives on the information highway ...
indian myths and superstitions

Debunking Common Indian Myths – Series Introduction

We Indians are at our irrational best when it comes to remedial tasks to enjoy our life in good harmony. And sometime, the things are so farfetched and illogical that it makes me wonder of the logical quotient in them ...
traffic snarl

Indian Traffic & Caste System – What’s Common In Them ?

Indian seems to be so smitten by the caste system that it has become an omnipresent evil - even on the roads. The four basic types of daily commuters ...
Book of Ram

The Book of Ram by Devdutt Pattanaik

Honestly, a readable book with a misleading title. This tries to describe Ram in contrast with his allies and follies, but on many occasion deviates from the context all-together. Though I'm not all disappointed by this book but the title.
Ramayana and Mahabharata

Ramayana & Mahabharata – What Is The Difference Between Both ?

Similarities and dissimilarities between one of the most celebrated epics in Hinduism have always intrigued me since I came across the both. And in my opinion, whereas Ramayana deals with the endeavour of its character within the bracket of idealism, Mahabharata is primarily a strife which gives subjective treatment to the issues that prevailed ...

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