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Movies Based on Partition of India & Pakistan

Indian movies whose stories are based on the Partition of India and Pakistan in the year 1947 after its independence. Both got separated with a black chapter in history, the portrayal of which have been done in many films.
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Minimal Movie Posters From Bollywood & Hollywood

Going by the adage, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then poster makes it to million. But if dealt smartly with the belying trend of minimalism, it becomes even more visually striking with a prominently hidden message ...
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Underrated & Uderrecognized Playback Singers of Yesteryear – Part 2

I've now segregated those singers into Underrecognized category whose names just faded over the time and now exist in bollywood archives only. Though their songs are still popular with mature & serious listeners, but the name behind it still sulks for the due recognition and credit ...
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Underrated & Uderrecognized Playback Singers of Yesteryear – Part 1

This by no means is a comparative post for the singers of bygone era, but my personal opinion and tribute to the crooning individuals who didn't get credit they deserved and some didn't even made it to limelight...

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